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Friday, December 6th at 7pm

Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton
Friday, December 6th at 7pm

Please join us for an evening with Psychic-Medium Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton as she speaks about and signs copies of her new book Divine Dimes:
Messages of Love and Healing from BEYOND

About the Book:
Since the day when I was sanctified with life, the profound meaning which accompanied my birth has become my stalking shadow. As time unfolded and I reached adolescence, I began to gaze into the heavens and found myself asking a most insightful question… “Will death and an abbreviated journey or will eternity receive me with open arms for some greater disguised purpose?” And, with the speed of a shooting star dazzling a blackened night sky, the answer quickly came. 

Like my mother, Regina, and my great-aunt, Maggie, I have been pre-programmed, or perhaps blessed, to be able to channel words from the other side of life… a destination which I have come to call Beyond the Beyond. “Why me?” I have often pondered. And the celebrated answer that I have repeatedly received is: “Because you truly care about people!”

I have waited the better part of a lifetime to gather knowledge, experience, and wisdom worthy of writing a text that bore the fruit of sustenance. And, thankfully, that moment has arrived when destiny, or what I have learned is an eternal life force called the SOURCE, intended that pen should join paper. 

My desire is that once your reading ends, you will learn about my gift as a psychic-medium, why I chose the title Divine Dimes, what it means to live and to die, the spiritual meaning behind reincarnation, why my journey (and yours) is meant to eventually lead to the SOURCE of eternal light and love, and how you can prepare in this life for forever’s tomorrow. 

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