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Local & Independent Authors – Children’s books

For Children and Young Adults…


by Chandinie Parasram Francis
illustrated by Bradley Clark

Our Price: $17.99

Peace is a heartwarming water color book about what peace is and how we are all connected. It’s metaphors of peace come to life in a beautiful, and compassionate way. It seeks to promote peace through understanding and equality.

Fio the Flamingo

by Mary Black Diller
illustrated by Tiffany Harper Lorusso

Our Price: $12.95

Fio has an adventure and learns a lesson about the importance of friendship, family and of course, flamingos.

The Day After Christmas

by Anthony DeLosa

Our Price: $6.99

What will happen to Christmas, if Santa retires? A sequel to the iconic poem to help start a conversation about the true meaning of Christmas. Maybe your child has suspicions or maybe it’s just time that they know, in any case, there is no easy way to tell them the truth about Santa Claus. Learn with your child the truth about Santa through a story that bridges fiction and reality.

Lenny: A Most Unusual Reptile

by Jungle Bob

Our Price: $9.99

Lenny the legless lizard is the first in a series of books from author Jungle Bob, who uses the world’s most “unloved, unusual and unknown” animals to tackle human issues while correctly portraying them in the wild.

In this book, Lenny, a legless lizard is bullied by the local snakes who pick on him for his differences. Common in many parts of the world they truly are lizards as they have ears and eyelids, two characteristics that all snakes lack. Lenny is harassed by his reptilian cousins for being different but discovers in the end that his differences are really his strengths.

Sammie’s Tail

by Stasie Fishman

Our Price: $9.98

Sammie is a very rare Bombay cat with special needs. Sammie’s Tail is the story of her rescue from her perspective. Photographs of Sammie throughout the book help share her journey to her furrever home.

Learn more about Sammie and her family here!

Surviving Curtis Hall: The Lure of Blood

by L. A. Matthies

Our Price: $16.95

Attempting to avoid the violence and drugs at Hibernia High, 16-year-old Tristen McCoy and his friends have transferred on a sports scholarship to the elite Curtis Hall boarding school. Hometown lacrosse heroes, the boys are tested as they attempt to assimilate into a student body where excelling is the norm. Tristen hones his leadership skills and sense of humor while finding his way in this new environment. He and his friends must rise to the challenge of competing with peers whose skills equal and perhaps surpass their own. Tristen’s attention is soon captured by the beautiful and alluring Marcella Venier. Despite their different origins and upbringings, the two are drawn to each other. Marcella, compelled to live a clandestine life with dark secrets and a covert research mission, struggles with her desire to further her own designs and still remain in Tristen’s world. Events spiral out of control, and a student is lost in the subterranean tunnels beneath the school’s campus. Tristen and his friends stand accused of foul play, and in an effort to make things right, he enlists Marcella’s help in organizing a search party. During the perilous rescue attempt, danger threatens to not only sever the bonds of friendship of the group, but take their lives as well. They hope they can survive until graduation.

Young Adult/Fantasy wins NABE 2013 Pinnacle Achievement Award! Read more about Linda and Surviving Curtis Hall at

Slaying A Harpy: Tales of Curtis Hall

by L. A. Matthies

Our Price: $18.95

Tristen and his two best friends, Billy and Sasha, transferred to Curtis Hall so their parents could enjoy peace of mind that their kids would receive the best education while escaping the messy, complicated teen world of their hometown of Hibernia, New Jersey, a half hour away. Little did their parents realize that although their boys had received lacrosse scholarships to an incredibly prestigious school rivaling even the most extravagant college campuses, they now had stumbled onto its secrets as well. Starting to fit in at the elite boarding school, the teens find themselves faced with an even more imposing threat than the immortal vampires who have befriended them. Danger looms around every corner as one of the trio is cursed by the Harpys mind control, one is blinded by inexplicable love for the deadly creature, and the third is forced to train as a hunter in the hopes of saving his friends. Tristen and Marcellas love blooms as she and her vampire crew recruit Tristen and his friends to find a way to outsmart, battle, and, hopefully, conquer this powerful mythological beast posing a devastating threat to her and her vampire family. Will Marcellas greatest nemesis, her own brother Pietro, aid the factions cause or side with the Harpy to destroy his sister? Can the skill and experience of a battle legend be enough to equip the young humans with the strength they need to defeat the Harpys curse?

Chermpf (The Cats of Nova, Volume 1)

Written and Illustrated by William S. Russell III

Our Price: $9.99

Everyone should have a name…

With that thought, Gracie Fisher steps into her backyard on a moonlit summer night. Leaving her sleeping parents behind, following her nervous cat, Roscoe, and a kitten harboring an ancient secret, she embarks on an adventure leading far beyond her father’s vegetable garden, to a domed forest-city tethered to the Moon. There, she faces a terrible danger from the prehistoric past and a grave threat to all humanity.

Chermpf is a fantasy adventure for advanced middle grade readers. It will also appeal to people of all ages who suspect their cats know more about the workings of the universe than they let on, such as folding time and space and the potential menace of winged spiders.

William S. Russell III lives in New York with his lovely wife, Susan, and three cats, Miss Meep, Joon-Yip and, of course, Chermpf. In a previous one of his nine lives, William was a post-secondary special education teacher. He hopes to be a steeplejack in the next. Read more at and

Meepcha and the Lost 100

Written and Illustrated by William S. Russell III

Our Price: $11.99

Soot, ash and cinders the fire burns brightly but something always remains behind. An ancient and formless evil was released during the battle in Nova City, an evil that has found its way to earth. One hundred of the mysterious automata, the Ergasi, are missing as well. Without their care Nova City will be doomed to drift in space forever. Now it is up to young Gracie Fisher, her feline guardian Roscoe and their companions Dondo, Bear and Mimyat to set things right, and to somehow reunite Mimyat with her long-lost twin sister Meepcha along the way.

Read more at and

 Simon & Sedef: A Seal’s First Adventure

by Sheree Jeanes

Our Price: $20.99

Simon is a young harbor seal, just recently born, living with his seal family. An early spring storm suddenly sweeps him out to sea, and the youngster has to learn to survive quickly. He meets foes and friends, including the kind humans he encounters throughout his journey.

The adventure of Simon, the young harbor seal, is one that has happened before. Seals and other marine animals are regularly washed ashore throughout Northeast USA and are rescued by the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research & Preservation.

The foundation will receive 10% of the proceeds of this book to help with their great work. Please visit their website at and consider supporting the rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals.

Learning to Play the Piano

by Norma Dagnelli

Our Price: $11.00

This fun workbook will give quick learners a creative and exciting way to play the piano. The ideas of sound stories, compose your own melodies and draw pictures to match a piece of music have never been presented like this in a piano course book before! Students age 5 to 10 will be able to play familiar tunes in the book almost immediately! There are fun games to play also!

Pasta Anyone?

By Pamela Nanette Martinalbert-Bouton

Our Price: $21.99

This book is a culinary adventure that teaches the reader about different types of pasta. Chef Camille Corgi, the main character, introduces the reader to a different type of pasta for each letter of the alphabet. Each type of pasta not only represents each letter of the alphabet, but the reader will also learn how that pasta is made and how it is served. The rhythmic stanzas transcend the reader to different lands through descriptive meals and traditions. By combining pasta and literature, the author hopes to encourage families to try new foods, experiment with exotic cuisines, and make memories with family recipes!

Sophia N.R. Marullo and the Crazy Days

By Sophia N.R. Marullo

Our Price: $6.99

Get ready for the zany adventures of a talented seven-year-old author’s sparkling imagination! Sophia N.R. Marullo And The Crazy Days is the first chapter book written by the protagonist and author, Sophia Noelle Rose Marullo. Inspired by the Junie B. Jones series, Sophia chronicles her crazy days at home and at school, from the bizarre nightmare in the beginning to the equally bizarre surprise ending! Memorable characters like Meanie James, Sneaky Molly, and Dr. Ducky-Head make every page of this precocious work a delightful treasure trove of laughs and craziness! Sure to delight and inspire children of all ages, Sophia N.R. Marullo And The Crazy Days is the first of many chapter books to come from this remarkable little girl!

The Legend of Santa’s Sleighbells

By Marianne Andersen Magin

Our Price: $15.98

Told through the eyes of a smart & faithful farm dog, this whimsical and beautifully illustrated tale reveals what happened long ago on the night before Christmas and why Santa’s reindeer wear bells.

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