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Tuesday, February 25th at 7pm

Gina Simone
Tuesday, February 25th at 7pm

Please join us for an evening with Long Island author and Spirit Medium Gina Simone as she speaks about and signs copies of her new book Whispers of Love: Spirit’s Messages from Heartbreak to Hope.

About the book:
Death is never final–and you are never alone.

Writing in remembrance of her own son’s untimely passing from cancer, author Gina Simone has created with Whispers of Love: Spirit’s Messages from Heartbreak to Hope a groundbreaking book of guidance and hope for all who are grieving.

Whispers of Love makes sense out of the signs that Spirit and our loved ones have given us our whole life. It includes an unprecedented comprehensive chapter on how to work through grief as well as chapters on how spiritual growth helps even with losses not death related, such as a relationship ending or a career ending.

Gina Simone is a certified spirit medium who has been featured on Gwyneth Paltrow’s and nominated Long Island Best Medium. With compassion and intelligence, Whispers of Love introduces readers to a deep exploration of why we are here, how to connect with Spirit, and how we can find meaning in life’s hardest challenges. Remaining frozen in pain is not the path to freedom. Walking with Spirit is.

Abut the author:
Gina Simone is a Spirit Medium certified through the Forever Family Foundation. At the age of 11, she began to notice and feel Spirit and energy around her. Not knowing what these gifts were, she always felt different and isolated. A traumatic pool accident with her toddler son catapulted her into finding the meaning behind life, Spirit, lessons, and karma. She left a comfortable corporate finance career to answer her calling to connect you with your loved ones and with your own innate intuition and higher consciousness. She has been a featured medium on Gwyneth Paltrow’s, has been voted Long Island Best Medium several years in a row, and is also a featured medium on WBLI 106.1 morning show.

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