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by Pat Longo

The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety
by Pat Longo

Do you suffer from unexplained anxiety, panic attacks, or sadness? Are you often overwhelmed with compassion for others’ pain? Do people sometimes refer to you as being “sensitive” or “too sensitive?” If so, you may be an empath—and a few simple tools could change your life.

As a spiritual healer and teacher to some of today’s most well-known empaths—including “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo—Pat Longo has found that many of the individuals who have come to her with anxiety and related symptoms possess a heightened sense of perception and extreme level of intuition—what’s more, most of these individuals had no idea they had these abilities.

In this illuminating book, Pat guides you to become aware of and protect your spiritual self and in doing so, to eliminate related anxiety. In an increasingly anxious world, getting in touch with our healing abilities and achieving inner peace is so important. With this book as your tool kit, you begin your journey toward finding peace, becoming aware of and caring for your spiritual self, and healing your life.