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Our shelves are full of books written by local and independent authors, folks who have chosen to self publish or to work with a publisher outside of the big national conglomerates.

In support of their efforts, we are pleased to present the following selections currently on sale at Book Revue...

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A Prayer for the Devil

by Dale Allan

Our Price: $23.95

Twin brothers Luke and Aaron Miller could not lead more different lives. Aaron, a rising political star who manages the campaign of a man many believe will be the nation's next president, embraced his father's Jewish heritage. Luke, on the other hand, honored his mother's faith and entered the Catholic priesthood. When Aaron and the candidate he supports are killed in a bombing at a presidential stump speech, the Miller family's core is destroyed. Fear of a terrorist threat grips the nation, but the FBI and the press seem more focused on the death of a presidential candidate than on the other innocent victims like Aaron. Suddenly, Luke begins to feel the lure of a vengeance that is stronger than the bond of faith.

As he falls deeper into the abyss of political intrigue that surrounded his brother's mysterious professional life, Luke is tempted to break his promise to God and reassess his own sense of right and wrong. What sort of priest carries a concealed weapon? How can he judge others when he himself has strayed so far from his own flock?

Luke's comfortable life in Boston collides with the faraway world of the Middle East as he sets out on a journey to unravel the truth behind Aaron's murder. Will he take an eye for an eye?

In this murder mystery wrapped in a thoughtful meditation on the intersection of faith and justice, Luke's journey through his own darkness propels him to a shocking ending that will leave readers breathless.

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Surviving Curtis Hall

by L. A. Matthies

Our Price: $16.95

Attempting to avoid the violence and drugs at Hibernia High, 16-year-old Tristen McCoy and his friends have transferred on a sports scholarship to the elite Curtis Hall boarding school. Hometown lacrosse heroes, the boys are tested as they attempt to assimilate into a student body where excelling is the norm. Tristen hones his leadership skills and sense of humor while finding his way in this new environment. He and his friends must rise to the challenge of competing with peers whose skills equal and perhaps surpass their own. Tristen's attention is soon captured by the beautiful and alluring Marcella Venier. Despite their different origins and upbringings, the two are drawn to each other. Marcella, compelled to live a clandestine life with dark secrets and a covert research mission, struggles with her desire to further her own designs and still remain in Tristen's world. Events spiral out of control, and a student is lost in the subterranean tunnels beneath the school's campus. Tristen and his friends stand accused of foul play, and in an effort to make things right, he enlists Marcella's help in organizing a search party. During the perilous rescue attempt, danger threatens to not only sever the bonds of friendship of the group, but take their lives as well. They hope they can survive until graduation.

Young Adult/Fantasy wins NABE 2013 Pinnacle Achievement Award! Read more about Linda and Surviving Curtis Hall at

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Latent Heat: A Year's Worth

by David Fredette

Our Price: $10.00

Latent heat has to do with phase change. Hence, an ongoing lifetime has been expressed during the course of one year. May all that we face be saturated with positive coping strategies.

David Fredette is presently in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) trade, and has a past, in the merchant marine. He was raised, as the last of ten children, by both Robert J., and Doris Fredette. The sea was not more than a block away, growing up on Long Island. Its influence helped him decide on charting a course through S.U.N.Y. Maritime, at Fort Schuyler, NY, after gaining an interest in poetry at S.U.N.Y. Morrisville College (Morrisville, NY). Several years were spent, as an engineering officer, at sea, on oil tankers, and research vessels. But, success was followed by setbacks, when he found himself in the hospital, due to Bipolar Disorder. His recovery, after the hospital, has been continued with a good treatment regiment, family support, working full time, and pursuing goals (Some small, some larger.). David Fredette now lives in Connecticut, and looks forward to a patent, more to learn, and eternal freedom.

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They're Fake and They're Spectacular

by Judy San Roman

Our Price: $15.00

One woman's story about facing your fears head on and dealing with life and death with passion and courage.

"Judy San Roman's gift for explaining all the details of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in down-to-earth terms is only matched by her compassion for others experiencing the same journey. Her courage in sharing the truth of her darkest hours as well as her life-affirming joys fill the book with authenticity, and that, coupled with the wealth of medical information and first-hand advice on every page, will inspire and educate women at the same time. Knowing Judy, a radiant beauty inside and out, makes me a better person, and her commitment to helping women navigate all the emotional and physical aspects of this disease makes the world a better place." - Antonia Felix, Author and Editor.

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by Heather Hamilton

Our Price: $16.00

Unsung is a riveting, emotional memoir not for the weak of heart but for all who have wished for hearts capable of enduring in spite of loss. Unsung is about a mother and daughter’s battle to cope with schizophrenia, a disabling mental illness that resists treatment and affects the lives of everyone close to those living with it. Unsung cuts scalpel-like to the rotten core of our current mental health care system, exposing pharmaceutical companies, mental health care centers, and psychiatrists for the often unconscionable role they play in doing everything but healing those who are mentally ill. It is a memoir in which the truth is unbelievable. And the unbelievable is true. Fired with a mother’s fury and passion. Laced with love and laughter. Irreverently reverent about everything from affairs of the garbage industry to Zen, rich with one-of-a-kind friendships, it is one woman’s journey to heal her daughter and to find herself. The journey is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. There is romance so strong some readers will buy the book simply to read and reread Haley’s passionate encounters with Jake Welch—a German Italian bad boy and full-time mechanic, twelve years her junior. But there is more than one love story in these pages, along with many surprises. The memoir takes its readers through cross country moves, an eviction, a car wreck, hurricanes, a near drowning, the loss of two jobs, loss of credit, an audition for a reality TV show, suicides. Women of all ages will read Unsung because it will take them from the place they are and the things they have feared to who they can be. Men will read Unsung for a thoughtful, funny woman’s take on who they are and who they aren't. Those living with mental illness will read Unsung to learn and to grieve and to find hope. Those who love action and suspense, thrill seekers, will read Unsung for an unbelievably believable adventure. Romantics will read Unsung for its unusual love story. Those who love true stories will read Unsung to connect with a mother’s real experience with her child’s illness. Unsung is both timely, with our newfound awareness and appreciation of the fact women do blossom as they age, and topical, since most of our lives are affected in one way or another by mental illness. But it is much more than that. With its honest, often funny, always courageously tender human voice, Unsung is a memoir that urges its readers to hitch hike through stars, to fly through water, to swim the earth, to dive down deep enough to find themselves.

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Strictly Business

by Lisa Eugene

Our Price: $7.99

Conservative Emergency Room Physician, Nina Henley has always followed the rules. Her life has been dictated by her unwavering commitment to medicine. Wade Connolly, renowned medical malpractice attorney and 'New York’s sexiest bachelor' enters her life and challenges her with his bold sexuality and intense passion. One look into his gorgeous blue eyes and Nina is forced to acknowledge needs that have long been repressed. When she becomes involved in Wade’s perilous malpractice case she realizes that she is at risk for not only heartbreak, but betrayal as everything she's worked so hard for is threatened. Will Wade's passion and love be enough to save her or will she lose everything…including her life?

"Loved this book! Good plot. Lots of action!" - Sandy, Goodreads

"It's guaranteed to hold your attention and even provide a chuckle here and there!" - Annie, Amazon

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Steal My Heart

by Lisa Eugene

Our Price: $7.99

Maggie Lawson is an OR nurse, a certified germaphobe! She likes to keep things clean and orderly. When she meets Ex-Navy SEAL, Gabe Masters, he’s disguised as a dingy dirty hobo. She cringes as she’s forced to use her nursing skills to revive him. She soon finds that he’s a ‘dirty boy’ in more ways than one! After being forced to do his bidding, she unwittingly gets entangled in a dangerous, fast-paced, sexy adventure that tests the boundaries of her spirit and the capacity of her heart. Gabe’s passion spirals her to unimaginable heights. She soon starts to wonder if he is the real danger. Will she succumb to this ‘dirty boy’ who’s keeping secrets about his past, or will she chose to keep things clean?

"This book is HOT! Maggie is a funny, likeable character and the perfect compliment to ‘bad-boy’ Gabe. Exciting! Intense! Erotic! Two thumbs up!" - Jennifer Hardings, Reviewer

"Thoroughly enjoyable! Great plot with lots of action. This book will make you feel alive!" - Jody Carringer, Reviewer, Hometown Press

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Surrender My Love

by Lisa Eugene

Our Price: $7.99

Patients are dying at Washington Memorial Hospital and no one knows why…. Nurse Chloe Bennett is a dedicated healer. Her job means everything to her, and she needs it to support her family. When she finds herself in the middle of yet another Code Blue, she questions the unexplained deaths. Doctor Brad Markson is a world renowned cardiac surgeon. Brilliant, powerful, and sinfully sexy! He does not tolerate losing patients. When his patient mysteriously dies, he looks for answer. The two work together to unravel the sinister events surrounding the deaths at Washington Memorial Hospital, and soon find themselves fighting for their lives in this fast paced, erotic thriller. When Chloe becomes the center of suspicion, she is surprised to find she has an ally in the gorgeous Dr. Markson. Shy, sweet Chloe is unable to resist him with his sultry blue eyes and wickedly sexy smile. His passionate kisses ignite her body, and his mere touch induces shivering pleasure. She doesn't know if she’s ready to give away her heart after her traumatic past, and Brad is battling career demons of his own. Can the two learn to trust each other? Will they live long enough to find love and happiness…or will there be two more deaths?

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Eyes of the Soul

by Karen Esposito

Our Price: $17.95

Jack always longed to lift the physical world's veil of illusion and peer into the reality behind it. His journey, in the afterlife, provides answers to his lifelong quest for forgotten truths. Traversing two worlds with the guidance of a mysterious angelk transforms Jack by replacing the ego's vision with that of the soul's. He gains an elevated perspective through releasing limiting beliefs and replacing them with liberating insights. The world, and his path, are seen in a magical way.

Did you ever wonder what is hidden behind life's curtain? What forgotten truths await to guide you through life? Join Jack on a spiritual journey that replaces the ego's vision with that of the soul's, and traverses two realms. Be prepared to see the world, and your path, in a magical, new way.

"Karen Esposito addresses the needs of contemporary seekers in this inspirational book. She gives us practical tools with which we can gather spiritual knowledge." — Barbara Biziou, author of The Joys of Everyday Ritual and The Joys of Family Rituals

"This is a must read! Karen's grasp of spirituality is comprehensive and inspiring. I encourage you to embark upon this awesome journey. You'll feel enlightened, elevated, and entertained!" — Louisiana Zinn, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and Healer

Karen Esposito read her poem, What was not Seen on September 11th, at the first 9/11 memorial. Her Columbine poem, A Cry for Help in Columbine, was published in The Denver Catholic Register. She has now turned her capability for healing words into a novel. Karen is a second degree Reiki master. She has a career in the travel industry and lives in New York City.

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The Terror of Mapooly (Eurania, Volume 1)

by Moses Solomon

Our Price: $5.99

Eurania: On the Verge of a New Order

In the closing days of the Galactic Revolutions of Eurania, Lord Walmsley must pit his militia, the Greyban Corps, against the powerful Belaanian People's Army of General Mapooly in an effort to rescue the captured High Priest of the Great Temple.

Where is the Monseigneur being held? What does General Mapooly want with a pacifist religious leader? What does Mapooly have in store for the survivors of the long and brutal war?

For Lord Walmsley, it is a mission that will change the course of his life.

Follow Moses Solomon's tales of Eurania at

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Timegazer (Eurania, Volume 2)

by Moses Solomon

Our Price: $5.99

Euranian Vacation - or Not

Shot down by an unidentified particle beam while en route to a resort planet, Morgan Teggo and Rayna Choff find themselves on a quest to discover the nefarious plans of the mysterious man behind the ancient weapon.

Accompanying them into the mountains are three local inhabitants: a mystical priestess, her temple chief and an armed warrior, one of whom might not be who they claim to be.

What they find in the underground caverns is a secret that has remained hidden for centuries... until now.

Follow Moses Solomon's tales of Eurania at

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SUKI: What Does Love Really Look Like?

by C.F. Winn

Our Price: $12.99

Life offers one guarantee…death.

SUKI tells the story of Savannah, an independent go getter who allows fear to keep her from being completely happy, and Dwayne, a softhearted ex-Marine with a talent for creativity. The couple is destined to find each other and carry out a preordained agreement made long before their human feet enter this Earthly plane. Their connection is tangible and their lives easyuntil they are presented with one challenge that shakes them to their cores. The couple's subsequent struggle to make sense of their imploding world comes to a head in the epilogue, where a shocking secret is revealed in an overdue letter.

We all assume we know what love is, but think again. It comes in many shapes and sizes. If you knew ahead of time that you’d never see “happily ever after”, would you choose to live at all for the sake of love? Read more at

CF Winn flexes her story telling muscle and shows us why she is an award winning author. SUKI will grab your heart and make you think about your place… and your purpose in this world.

CF Winn is a freelance writer of blogs and short stories when she's not training others in the art of Market Research. Her day job has led her to places that few of us know exist. Worlds where eccentricity is the norm and even sometimes embraced. Led by several off kilter muses, CF has been graciously guided into the awards arena, most notably, Wordsmitten Storycove for her flash fiction story, “Sunday Drives Done Mojo Style.”

CF Winn is the founder of Winning! Publications, a firm specializing in editing and promotion services for authors. Her latest project is the just released Trailer Trash, With a Girl’s Name, a hilarious and heartwarming story of a boy saddled with a girl’s name and forced into a nomadic existence. Ms. Winn lives in New York with her three brilliant children and is a regular contributor to and The Lindenhurst Patch.

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Parent Fatigue Syndrome

by Joanna Hulton, Ph.D. with Blethyn Hulton

Our Price: $14.95

This is not your parent's parenting book! In this book the reader sits beside this 21st Century psychoanalyst and sees how a child's emotional and intellectual development unfolds. Through parenting stories and a clear explanation of what children need from their caregivers, you will understand the meaning of "to know your child is to know yourself". This is a book for and about children of all ages. Parents who read it will realize why it is never too late to touch up developmental gaps necessary for full human growth. Sit on the couch and learn how to combat Parent Fatigue Syndrome in your own way while honoring your parents for what they have given you.

About the Author: Joanna Hulton, Ph.D. is a New York State licensed Mental Health Counselor and Psychoanalyst in private practice on Long Island. As a teacher, workshop leader and therapist, she dedicates herself to enhancing the role of family, school and community in improving children's self-esteem, feelings of personal efficacy, and ability to learn. To read more, please visit the Parent & Educator Forum.

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My Journey On Becoming A Nurse: Contribution to the Nursing Profession

by Verlia M. Brown, MA, RN, BC

Our Price: $15.99

The purpose of this book is to chronicle my life's journey from birth to achieving my goal to be a registered nurse. People, in general, take different pathways to fulfill their professional dreams. My pathway took long and winding roads, hills and valleys. My intention is to inspire, motivate and encourage people across the spectrum, that they should pursue their dreams and never give up. In-so-doing, there may be many obstacles and struggles along the way, but, with strength and determination, and help from the community of people around them, their goals can be achieved.

Verlia M. Brown, MA, RN, BC, worked in Critical Care at Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn, New York. She retired in 2012 after 38 years working in Intensive Care units. She is past president of the New York State Nurses Association, a member a Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. Brown obtained a Master of Arts degree in Community Health from Brooklyn College, City University of New York. She received a diploma in Nursing from Kings County Hospital Center School of Nursing. She was just elected as one of the board of directors for Nurses House. Read more at

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Healing Roots

by Constance C.F. Golden

Our Price: $9.00

Sometimes to move forward, we need to go back to where it all began. A forgotten but familiar walkway, a lost but savored taste, a forsaken but blessed breath... and suddenly the layers of life seem to make sense again. The key is to find your own healing roots.

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the south shore of Long Island, New York. Many of the poems in Healing Roots were written during the clean-up process. That process could not have occurred without the love, support and energy of family and friends.

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Adventures of Mom & Daughter Yoga

by Rochelle Katzman

Paperback: $11.99
Cards: $14.99

Through yoga postures, a mom and daughter team travels the world. They meet a prince and princess, see a leprechaun, visit Tuscany, the South of France, and still make it home for Thanksgiving.

"We all want our children to have tools to survive and 'get ahead' in this world. What better time to start than when they are young, teaching them values and giving them experiences that will carry them through life? Adventures of Mom & Daughter Yoga provides a very fun way for a parent and child to stay connected, and a way to start your child on a meditative path from a very young age. This is the type of experience that will give your child a good foundation to relate to the 'Inner Teacher' and a good resource to go to whenever he or she needs guidance. I am very proud of the work Rochelle has done." – Sat Nam. Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

"In [Adventures of] Mom & Daughter Yoga, Rochelle Katzman has created a program for mothers and daughters to experience a more enriched, joyful relationship with each other and gain all the wonderful benefits of yoga at the same time. With Rochelle's book and cards in hand, healthy fun and deeper connections between moms and daughters abound! – Shakta Khalsa, Founder & Director of Radiant Child Yoga.

"As a mom and a full time massage therapist, it is important for me to take care of my own wellness. Each week, my daughter and I read one chapter and do the yoga postures from Adventures of Mom & Daughter Yoga and play the yoga cards game, Adventure of Mom & Daughter Yoga Cards. The book and yoga cards game are wonderful. It has given me time to relax and spend quality time alone with my daughter." – Joy Anne, Mom, Long Island, NY

"Rochelle, you're the best yoga teacher ever! I always look forward to Tuesdays so I can spend time with my mom doing yoga." – Diana, 8 years old, Port Washington, NY

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Walnuts: My Autobiography of Healing from Mental Illness, A Raw Living Journal of Jokes, A Meditation

by Brian Melsky

Our Price: $9.95

In 1980, I was diagnosed with manic depression. Over 33 years, I tried to get off medication and heal naturally. Walnuts is an autobiographical journal of the last six years of my healing from manic depression naturally... in 1349 jokes and observations.

I grew up in Huntington, NY most of my life. Between 1974 to 1980, I went to school at SUNY in Oneonta, NY and the University of Southern California Film School in Los Angeles, CA. I attended other schools in the 1990s, eventually graduating from the New York Institute of Technology. I also lived in New York City briefly in 1979 and 1980 to 1981. I was diagnosed with manic depression in 1980. For 33 years, I battled the disease and tried to heal myself naturally. I am now off medication with holistic therapies and live in Huntington Station, NY with my cat Tiger.

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This'll Be the Day That I Die

by John Michael Griffin

Our Price: $16.95

What Would You Do If You Knew?

On Christmas Day, December 25, 2012, four scientists working at the Cold Spring Harbor Labs on Long Island announce a discovery that will change the course of humanity and pit science against theological beliefs that have existed since time began. The team of genetic scientists have located and defined a human gene that can accurately identify the length of a human life from their first day to when their last day will come about. Their four years of study of the gene offers no reasons for a person's demise except that they can predict with absolute certainty when an individual tested will meet their death. The evidence rocks the foundations of religions worldwide and shakes the faith of humankind which has believed that only God has the power to control such decisions. Nations around the globe take up the debate over who defines not the start, but the end of a human life. The debate will linger for years. But the discovery also shakes the lives of four test volunteers that had agreed to be subjects and donated their DNA. For each of the four subjects find out that they are scheduled to die exactly one year from the date of the announcement... December 25, 2013 will be the day that they die. The four, total strangers to each other, seemingly in perfect health and all from completely separate walks of life and circumstances, know only that they share the same date of death. The wave of human emotions that accompanies their terrible news at first overwhelms them as they go from disbelief and denial to resignation and resolution. They each take a different course as they prepare themselves by looking back on their lives and numbering the days they have left. What happens to them and how the human spirit can change so suddenly becomes the focus as each person moves forward towards their final day of our most precious possession, life.

John Michael Griffin lives on Long Island with his wife of 45 years and has been in the publishing business for most of his life as both a publisher and columnist, having migrated from print publishing to online publishing and business intelligence more than a decade ago. He is the father to four married children and ten grandchildren. This is his first published work with three more novels in various stages of completion.

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Brood X: A Firsthand Account of the Great Cicada Invasion

by Michael Phillip Cash

Our Price: $9.99

Seth is laid off from work. His wife Lara just found out they are expecting a baby this summer. Seth plans on documenting the entire pregnancy with his brand new digital camcorder. During an evening home watching television, the news reports that a swarm of cicada (Brood Ten) are expected to overwhelm the entire Northeast. Brood Ten is vicious and ready to invade. During a sweltering summer night, Brood Ten emerges and wreaks havoc with the electric grid, phone and cell service, wi-fi, food and water supply. Civilization as they know it is gone. Seth and Lara are thrown back to the stone age in their own home with trillions of cicada trying to deposit their eggs and breed. Fast paced and filled with tension, Brood Ten is the perfect summer read when you’re sitting outside listening to the cicadas sing.

Michael Phillip Cash is a found footage fanatic. Brood X is his first horror novel. He currently resides on Long Island with his wife and children. Read more at and

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Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island

by Michael Phillip Cash

Our Price: $12.99

Paul Russo’s wife just died. While trying to get his family’s life back in order, Paul is being tormented by a demon who is holding his wife's spirit hostage on the other side. His fate is intertwined with an old haunted mansion on the north shore of Long Island called Stillwell Manor. Paul must find clues dating back hundreds of years to set his wife's soul free.

Born and raised on Long Island, Michael has always had a fascination with horror writing. Earning a degree in English and an MBA, he has worked various jobs before settling into being a full-time author. He currently resides on Long Island with his wife and children. Stillwell is his second novel. Read more at and

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The Hanging Tree

by Michael Phillip Cash

Our Price: $6.99

Seventeen year old Arielle is at a crossroads in her life. Disenchanted with her father, she is testing the boundaries of his trust by dating someone he does not approve. Under the moonlit sky in Long Island, Arielle and her boyfriend meet beneath the infamous hanging tree. The couple's destiny is rooted to the five spirits in the tree whose lives and deaths are determined by an ancient curse. Will her future be determined by the past or will Arielle's choices alter the course of her life?

Michael Phillip Cash has crafted an intense novella that questions whether we are the victims of events beyond our control or do we have the power to determine our own future. This is Cash's first novella and is loosely based on a tree with a haunted past on the North Shore of Long Island. His other novels, Brood X: A Firsthand Account of the Great Cicada Invasion, and his bestselling novel, Stillwell: A Haunting of Long Island, are receiving rave reviews. Cash lives on Long Island with his wife and two children. Read more at and

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Schism: The Battle for Darracia

by Michael Phillip Cash

Our Price: $11.99

Schism / 's(k)izem / noun: 1. a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties caused by differences in opinion or belief.

On the planet Darracia, an ever-widening social gap between its inhabitants is causing turmoil that is fracturing a once peaceful world. Struggling with his identity, 19 year old Prince V'sair must harness the power of the elusive Fireblade, the secret to a warrior's heart, in order to overcome his uncle Staf Nuen's lust for supremacy. Will the energy of the Elements guide the young prince to his true destiny or will Staf Nuen conquer Darracia? After the success of his first three books (Brood X, Stillwell, and The Hanging Tree) Michael is fulfilling a dream and creating his own epic fantasy world. Schism: The Battle for Darracia is the first book in a planned series.

Best-selling author Michael Phillip Cash is now adding fantasy to his wide repertoire of work. Born and raised on Long Island, Michael has always had a love for horror, thriller, paranormal, science fiction, fantasy and self-help. He currently in the Desa among treetops with his wife and children. Read more at and

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The Flip

by Michael Phillip Cash

Our Price: $9.99

Julie and Brad Evans are house flippers.  They buy low, clean out the old occupants junk, and try to make a profit.  Enter Hemmings House on Bedlam Street in scenic Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island.  Too good a deal to pass up, but with an ominous secret.   The old Victorian Mansion has dwellers that do not want to be dispossessed.  As the house reveals it's past, will the couples marriage survive The Flip?

Michael Phillip Cash is an award winning and best selling author of horror, paranormal, and science fiction novels.  Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island, The Hanging Tree, and Schism: The Battle for Darracia have all been named to Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards.  Cash currently resides on Long Island with his wife and children.  Read more at and

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Transform Your Soul

by Irene Fulmer, R.N.

Our Price: $14.95

Transform Your Soul: Reflections of a Nurse on Compassion, Healing, and Divine Power offers reflections for anyone who wants to minister to the sick and needy. Writing from a deep longing to honor nurses, Irene Fulmer, a practicing nurse herself, has collected her reflections on nursing into a single volume to inspire others by the richness of this sacred calling of nursing and the transformational power it holds.

Nurses are the hands that touch and the voices that bring the message of caring to the sick and dying. They are the key to every kind of healing, for compassion is the true healer within each of us. The daily labors of love, patience, and hard work have offered precious seeds for healing to the sick.

In these essays, Irene Fulmer addresses the need to recover the soul of nursing and to reclaim and reintegrate the tenets of Florence Nightingale timeless and noble ideals acknowledging that nursing is a calling and a spiritual practice. Fulmer suggests that this is the right direction for nursing to take in order to move forward. She also considers the idea that nursing is a reflection of the divine; its calling brings caring and compassion to the sick.

Today, Nursing and America are at a crossroads. It must now clarify its destiny and redefine itself or be in danger of losing its soul, its meaning, and its relevance in today's world. There is hope for the future of Nursing and America. As its' soul becomes transformed, all society will experience healing and rebirth.

Irene Fulmer is a holistic nurse and coordinator/developer of the Complementary Integrative Medicine Program at the North Shore Hospital in Syosset/Plainview, NY. She has designed effective pre-operative and stress reduction programs. She currently resides on Long Island and has a son, a daughter, and four grandchildren.

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Tales of a Jailhouse Librarian: Challenging the Juvenile Justice System One Book at a Time

by Marybeth Zeman

Our Price: $15.99

In a large suburban county jail, a rolling library book cart connects boys with their new counselor, a veteran schoolteacher. Faced with their unquenchable thirst for reading to help ease the unremitting boredom of everyday life, "Mrs. Z", now, "the book lady," gives them the opportunity to share their hopes, their disappointments, their disillusionment and, most of all, their anger at a system that is crushing their spirit and dreams for the future. What Frederick Douglass advised us about education rings true today — "It's easier to build strong children than repair broken men." Tales of a Jailhouse Librarian skillfully captures the sights, sensations and rhythms of jail life. Zeman mixes journalism, memoir and character sketches with facts about the juvenile justice system, describes the various agencies, provides relevant statistics, and specific court cases that become so palatable they are easily digested. Never a "slog". Interesting and engaging. She makes a strong argument that these boys need education, not jail time. “We have to recognize that we have a very narrow window of opportunity left to redirect incarcerated youth toward education and living productive lives. Jail isn’t always the best solution. One million dollars invested in incarceration reduces 350 crimes; one million dollars invested in education reduces 600 crimes. It's difficult to slap the word, criminal, onto a juvenile — someone who is 16 or 17 or 18, someone who has the rest of their lives ahead of them and is just as likely as you or I were at that age to change." Not a screed or an expose. These are real stories about real kids in prison, stories so real and so raw they become our own. Read more at

Marybeth won a Laura Bush Scholarship in 2007. A jail school library followed. Her mantra is "books will set you free".

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Grace and Grit: Insights to Real-Life Challenges of Aging for Adult Children and Their Parents

by Fritzi Gros-Daillon

Our Price: $12.95

You are not alone... The challenges of moving from one home to the next are frequently faced by two generations — seniors and their adult children.

This book of compelling stories about this later-in-life event, often unexpected in its timing and scope, delivers points of view from the parents, adult children and professional move managers. You will laugh and cry as you discover your loved ones, your friends and just regular people dealing with the real life issues of communication, personal possessions and sharing memories.  You will see love, compassion, disappointment, perseverance, and truly share the grace and grit exhibited in these true stories.

Fritzi Gros-Daillon, CEO and founder of Household Guardians, is a highly successful entrepreneur in senior move management, environmental consulting and the aging-in-place home safety field.  Her education, licenses and certifications combined with 30 years of business experience allow her perspective and expertise to facilitate the imptrtant changes in the lives of her clients and their families.  The goal is the ability to maximize their time in the home environment of their choice while minimizing the stress and worry.  Read more at

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Water Marked

by Asher Grey

Our Price: $19.99

This riveting thriller takes the reader across the Western Hemisphere as a sharp scientist and a disgraced FBI agent scramble to save themselves and the planet from high-power foes that won’t stop until they control everythingEven the life force that sustains us.

Quinn Gavrel, a keep-to-herself hydrologist, works at SHIFT, an environmental think tank in Austin, Texas. Her only interest is doing research, and letting others handle its ramifications. After all, she has experienced first-hand what happens to scientists who speak out too loudly about the world's pressing environmental issuesYou end up in the cross-hairs, and that leaves a mark.

So, when Quinn discovers that Peter Guernsey, a high-profile scientist and rival, has been killed in a robbery gone wrong, she's ashamed to feel relieved. He won't be tormenting her, or any other scientist, anymore. Or, so she thinks.

From beyond the grave, Guernsey throws her back into hot water, surprising her with a new quandary, one he trusted only she could solve. At first, Quinn is reluctant to investigate. But, she's a scientist. She can't help herself. As her curiosity takes her outside the confines of her lab, she discovers Guernsey kept a secret, one that marked him for death.

Entangled in a web of deception, conspiracy and murder that stretches into the highest echelons of government and finance, Quinn realizes she too has been marked. With the help of Rand McNair, a discredited FBI Agent and the only one who believes her, she races against time to expose a for-profit plot that will change the way the world works and her life forever.

Inspired by the controversy surrounding the Keystone XL Pipeline, designed to carry oil from the tar sands in Alberta, Canada down to the Gulf of Mexico, Water Marked is an action-packed environmental thriller. Asher Grey takes us into the worlds of computer hacking, private equity and climate change science, weaving compelling, real-world suspense that will leave you thirsting for more.  Read more at

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Standing on Principal 

by Frank Vetro

Our Price: $16.99

On February 8, 2006, Frank Vetro, the young, popular principal of a school in eastern Long Island, saw his life dramatically altered. On that day, he was arrested and effectively labeled a terrorist who had hidden under the guise of a New York educator.

In Standing on Principal, he shares his personal story, detailing his arrest, his nights in jail, the court proceedings, and the subsequent fight to clear his name after the alleged scandal was nurtured into the national limelight. Now he recounts the injustice, and the lack of integrity of individuals who allowed the destruction of his life without a moment's concern for fairness or truth.

Telling a real-life story of deception and scandal, Standing on Principal exposes rogue elements of a system that underestimated the tenacious character of its accused and shows how Vetro sacrificed everything as he refused to be intimidated by a political machine.

Frank Vetro is an Italian American from eastern Long Island.  He pursued a career in education, making a rapid rise to become an educational leader in Hampton Bays, NY.  In February 2006, his promising future came to a screeching halt.  Read more at

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The Other Side of the Island: 52 Spots to Explore Long Island's Natural Places

by M.C. Hayes

Our Price: $14.95

The Other Side of the Island: 52 Spots to Explore Long Island's Natural Places is the essential guide for exploring nature on Long Island. It covers 52 different nature preserves through the seasons, discussing local plants and animals, natural history and ultimately our ongoing relationship with nature.

The book is for people interested in exploring Long Island's natural places.  Each chapter covers a different nature preserve on Long Island.  Starting in spring and going through the year, the book illustrates the subtle changes going on in the natural world as the seasons progress.  The different locations serve as examples of the various habitats found on Long Island.

The Other Side of the Island explores areas untouched by development and places reclaimed by nature after farming, dredging, building and other types of human intervention.  In discussing these places, the book examines our relationship with nature.  The book covers plants, animals and habitats common on and, in some cases, unique to Long Island.  The book includes maps, photographs and leaf illustrations.

The Other Side of the Island is a valuable guide for every hiker, camper, beachcomber, bird watcher, flower fanatic and tree hugger living on Long Island.

M.C. Hayes lives in Massapequa, Long Island, NY and loves exploring the outdoors.  Read more at

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Love, Freedom and Wellness: A Guide to Living an Empowered Life

by Marla Friedman, Ph.D., C.N.

Our Price: $17.99

Who doesn't want more Love, Freedom, and Wellness in their life?  In this compassionate and informative book, Dr. Marla Friedman takes you on a guided walk through the psychological, nutritional and spiritual patterns and processes that determine our state of wellness.  Dr. Friedman helps you to get started wherever you are on the road to more wellness by offering you a new, easy-to-follow Empowered Life Program.

Marla Friedman, Ph.D. in Psychology, is New York State licensed in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, a Certified Nutritionist, an Associate of the Viktor Frankl Institute for Meaning Centered Therapy, and an advanced Fellow and Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine.  She offers individual, couples, and group psychotherapy, integrating the benefits of in-depth emotional and nutritional counseling.

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Letters from My Mother: A Gritty Memoir of Depression Era Brooklyn

by Gloria Hanna Mason

Our Price: $6.00

Letter from My Mother: A Gritty Memoir of Depression Era Brooklyn is the true story of six children whose father was leading a double life during the Great Depression, the dire circumstances in which they lived, and their eventual triumph over their difficult beginnings. The story unfolds over the course of a series of letters written by the author's mother.

Gloria Hanna Mason, the author, lives in Lindenhurst, New York with her husband Paul, a music teacher.

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The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty: How to Manage Change, Embrace Fear and Live a Fulfilled Life

by Tom Scarda

Our Price: $12.95

Do you have a problem deciding between soup and salad?  Are you always asking others for their opinion?  This book is for you.  Tom Scarda shares techniques from his own experiences to help you make everyday decisions and major life choices.  Tom includes techniques and exercises to help you change your ways, if you chose to.  He calls these sections, "Fuel for Change."  Read more at

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Tales From a Broad

by Jeannine Henvey

Our Price: $15.95

Forty-two and feeling not-so-fabulous, Lucy Banks allows her older sister to talk her into accompanying her twenty-four-year-old niece on a trip around Europe. In the past year, she has lost her fiancé, her job and her fertility. Embracing her role as spinster aunt seems to be Lucy’s only option, until she embarks on a romantic adventure through London, Amsterdam, Munich, Paris and Florence. Will a room with a view and a handsome stranger be enough to open her heart and mind to new experiences? Tales From A Broad promises to draw readers into a light-hearted tale of emotional development, self-discovery and love.

Jeannine Henvey, a Long Island native, graduated magna cum laude from Hofstra University with a Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. After graduate school she moved to Manhattan where she mastered the art of job hopping. She finally landed in publishing where she had a long stint as a promotional writer for many popular women’s magazines.

Jeannine backpacked around Europe with three of her friends in between undergrad and grad school. Whether in a youth hostel, on the EuroRail, sitting in a pub, or at a sidewalk cafe, she kept a journal throughout the two month trip. Over the years, she had come across the book and put it away, knowing that one day she would do something special with it. It was that journal that inspired her to write Tales From a Broad.

When she's not traveling the world with her fictitious characters, Jeannine is happily grounded with her husband and three children on Long Island.

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As Time Goes By

by Benedict Baglio

Our Price: $16.95

Time is relative. That's what Einstein postulated. Philosophers surmise we develop a better sense of the present by knowing well the past, and that the future becomes tangential as a result. But are some of us so taken with questions about how we got to be where we are that knowing the past takes on a fervor that dominates the present, so much so we cannot even think about the future because the path that got us to the present is barricaded with unanswered questions?

Enter Steven Amato, a young man who is beholden to the past, namely the legacy of his World War II hero John Waldron, a Navy pilot who died with his entire squadron save one, leading them in an attack on a Japanese aircraft carrier during the climactic Battle of Midway. Questions have raged for years if Waldron's death was a matter of battle risks, an outdated aircraft, or malfeasance on the part of his commanders.

Amato learns to fly before he can drive. A gifted student and athlete, he spends much of his time restoring World War II aircraft along with Navy veterans. He speculates on the death of Torpedo 8 and learns more about Waldron than any other living human being. His World War II memorabilia collection grows almost daily. He learns to fly a TBF torpedo plane that his World War II veteran friends own in their collection. The one plane he would love to fly is one of the few remaining TBD Devastators in existence. The plane, though pristinely restored, will not turn its engine over no matter who tries.

Amato attends the United States Naval Academy. His senior thesis on the Battle of Midway causes admirals to debate the tragic deaths of the torpedomen. Car dealers descend on Annapolis to sell the graduating ensigns the hottest automobiles in the world, but Amato engages a salesman to find a car from the World War II era he might restore. The salesman takes him to an estate to meet a wealthy but mysterious old man who offers Amato his son's car, a 1939 Ford convertible. Covered with a canvas tarpaulin, the car is worn by time. It was never moved from where his son Raymond parked it when he left with the USS Hornet on its first combat cruise in early 1942

as one of the pilots of Torpedo Squadron 8. When he picks up the Ford from the restorer the mechanic who did the work hands him a damaged Hamilton Chronometer he found stuffed under the front seat. It was engraved: "Dearest Raymond, from Mom and Dad  – Christmas, 1941." He knows the watch was popular among pilots for its durability and accuracy. A jeweler in Newport News immediately recognizes it as the watch his father sold to Raymond Moore's father. Steve Amato's witnesses the brutal death of a friend at the hands of Libyan interceptor. Ordered not to return fire, he has a crisis of faith. The Hamilton watch, however, gives him the chance to meet a hero whose own faith was unflappable John Waldron.

Benedict Baglio has published two novels of historical fiction, and is working on two others to complete a four-book saga of World War II, a period of time with which he is fascinated. He has also written a book on educational reform. He is a retired school administrator, adjunct faculty member, and educational consultant. He holds a doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies. Though he maintains a keen interest in educational issues, the title he favors these days is "grandpa."  Read more at

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A Force for Good

by Samuel Muggington

Our Price: $12.05

Clown’s baby brother was shot and killed at the Courts in East Harlem. Everyone thought that thugs from the Original Young Gangsters (OYG) did it, but they couldn't be sure. It seemed like no one could stop the violence until a group of teens took matters into their own hands and formed the Force for Good (FFG). Using their wits, survival skills and the latest techie gadgets, the FFG fought the gang bangers in their search for the killer. The truth turned out to be more evil and twisted than any of them imagined.

After travelling the world I finally settled in the New York City area where I have lived for the past twenty years. I am captivated by nature and science and technology. On top of that, I have now found I love to tell wild, crazy stories. Each novel I write is an adventure and I have no idea where or if it will ever end. I hope you will read and enjoy my simple tales. Please read more at

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Pomroy's World: Arrival (Volume 1)

by Samuel Muggington

Our Price: $16.80

The SUV hit Pomroy and crushed his skull. He never woke from the coma. His doctor gave his parents no hope. Little did they know that Pomroy walked in another strange world. There he met a beautiful girl named Nna. Nna and Pomroy experience wild adventures and hilarious cross-cultural misunderstandings as they try to survive. Pomroy is torn between his love for the exotic Nna and his desire to go home to his familiar world. Meanwhile, a young physicist and her intern make a fantastic breakthrough. They built a sophisticated dark matter device powered by a quantum computer. Eventually they too become trapped in Pomroy’s world. No one knows if the laws of physics will ever let them return.

After travelling the world I finally settled in the New York City area where I have lived for the past twenty years. I am captivated by nature and science and technology. On top of that, I have now found I love to tell wild, crazy stories. Each novel I write is an adventure and I have no idea where or if it will ever end. I hope you will read and enjoy my simple tales. Please read more at

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Hope Points North

by Robert Douglas Spetta

Our Price: $14.99

A compass is a very helpful tool as long as its wielder knows the direction he wants to go. This wasn't often the case in the sixties in America, when many felt directionless, with an unpopular war that had the country’s moral compass spinning. Hope Points North is a coming-of-age experience that takes place on Long Island during this turbulent period.

Of the three boys, Chris McKellar is the conventional one of the group, the glue that binds the troubled Teddy and smart, introverted Charlie together. The story is Chris’s adult recollection of the time when Teddy, Charlie and he decide to travel on their own to the Grumman Aerospace Company, the builders of the Lunar Excursion Model the craft that will eventually deliver man to the moon. Just as the boys embark on their journey, the dark-hearted preacher Lovejoy ambushes them. Teddy’s grandpa has amassed a secret fortune, but it’s no secret to Lovejoy, who is seducing Teddy’s mother and will do anything to get the money. But the boys resist the preacher’s attack in a way that leaves him dead in the creek… or so they think. In shock, they follow their compass toward the fraternity of hopes, dreams and, unsuspectingly, manhood. Read more at

Robert Douglas Spetta writes a novel taking place on Long Island during the sixties, when mothers called children home for dinner with a bell, and children learned life’s lessons without parental supervision. It was a transitional time, when the country was moving from innocence to disillusionment a rich backdrop for his coming-of-age novel, Hope Points North.

An award-winning prose writer at Stony Brook University, Mr. Spetta was born and raised on Long Island, NY and still lives there today with his wife.

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Unsettle the Score

by Jeffrey L. Hollman

Our Price: $12.99

Unsettle the Score tracks what happens to Maureen Jasper after her Man of the Year husband Tom hits and kills a beautiful naked girl on their street at night. For Maureen, an educator herself, the incident marks the start of her own re-education, a new set of lessons where she will learn terrible secrets about her husband and that the police and FBI are not only useless but dangerous.  To save her own daughter, she has to take criminal action herself against the dead girl's father, a little old man she has seen walking dogs around the neighborhood. Problem is, he's a major crime lord. At first, Maureen sees the accident as a tragedy she will have to help Tom overcome emotionally, but the girl's father, Dmitri Mason, a violent criminal who takes pleasure in slaughtering animals as well as people, begins to pull the Jaspers into a long and elaborate drama of revenge that targets the Jasper’s daughter, a college freshman. Suave, smooth, the ultimate puppet master, Dmitri recruits a brilliant serial killer, a North Korean agent, and a corrupt cop to bring about a string of final violent acts to settle scores against his enemies prior to his retirement from a life in crime. That retirement is forestalled; however, because he never reckoned that a quiet second grade teacher could be as violent, as determined and as harsh in action as himself. Maureen takes action to "unsettle the score" and revenge herself on the man who has wreaked such damage on her family.

"It's clear from the start that Dmitri is... an indelible villain… An ambitious thriller, successful in nearly every respect." – Kirkus Reviews.

Following thirty five years in education (English teacher, high school principal, assistant superintendent), Jeff began writing full time, for the most part plays. His first play, a full length one-act, Real Danger, ran for a one month run in 2006 as an Equity Showcase in NYC. Bird Watching was runner up out of 38 entries in the Strawberry One-Act Festival in 2009 and was subsequently published in The Best Plays from the Strawberry One-Act Festival, Volume Seven.  Owa-Todo-Piam was produced in the 2011 Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

A sculptor for 40 years, Jeff has exhibited sculptures in numerous galleries and shows. His sculpture Chair-Branch-Broomstick-Shingle was accepted into the 2012 Long Island Biennial at The Heckscher Museum. Fifteen of his wind sculptures are on display at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in Cazenovia, NY during the summer of 2014.

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Baby Rocket

by Stephanie A. Smith

Our Price: $19.95

In 1966, a child is found abandoned in a rocket ride on Cape Canaveral. Traumatized, she could not speak when the police found her, only a few yards from her dead mother. So first responders called her “Baby Rocket.” As an adult, this child (Clementine “Lem” Dance) has no memory of this event. She only discovers her past when her adoptive father, James Walter Dance, Jr. has a fatal heart attack. Lem, a women’s historian who is writing a book about the Mercury 9, finds files while cleaning out her father’s apartment that he had been collecting in order to tell her the truth. Without him, she must piece together her story — why was she abandoned? What happened to her parents? How did her mother die? Who is her biological father? Doing so will take her from California back to the Tri-State area, where she now lives; to Florida, where she will find her mother's roots and her mother's life-story; and, finally, to Martha's Vineyard, where she will come to terms with what she can recall and what she has uncovered about the wrenching facts of her early years.

Stephanie A. Smith is the author of Warpaint (Thames River Press, 2012), Household Words (Minnesota, 2006), Conceived By Liberty (Cornell, 1995), Other Nature (Macmillan, 1995), Snow-Eyes and The-Boy-Who-Was-Thrown-Away (Atheneum, 1985, 1987). Read more at

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I Am My Mother's Only Poem

by Renee Howard Cassese

Our Price: $16.95

A family history and memoir in poetry shows how a woman develops and learns to accept who she is at her core.

Renee Howard Cassese works as an Assistant Principal in a special education preschool. She holds an MS in Special Education, certifications in School Administration and Adult Education and is certified to present Journal to the Self workshops from the Center for Journal Therapy and to teach memoir writing classes from Turning Memories into Memoirs.

Renee was born and raised on Long Island and has lived there her whole life. She is married and between her and her husband Frank have five children and six grandchildren. Her short stories, personal essays and poems have appeared in a variety of online and print journals and anthologies. Writing poetry and fiction are lifelong passions and now Renee is experiencing the beginnings of her success as an author. She also wants to teach others the fun and value of writing poems for self discovery. In addition to writing and teaching Renee enjoys making mixed media art, walking in nature, reading suspense, poetry and memoir, and spending time with family and friends. Read more at

"These are poems peopled with folklore and life experience. From 'steam filled kitchens' to 'oil well fires' and 'Kentucky bluegrass' this collection is populated with extraordinary everyday details that braid together a family and resonate with heart and hope. In both unexpected love and a solitude that is a 'shawl woven in somber strands of regret' the reader finds a celebration of connection, love, and renewal within the poems and art of this collection." – Melanie Faith, author of To Waken is to Begin, Aldrich Press

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The Universe Knows. Now Go Live Your Dream

by Ron Dinehart

Our Price: $10.95

Are You Living Your Dream? Why Not? What's Holding You Back?

You know you were given a gift when you came to this place and that it is your right to share your gift with the world. You were given this genius talent that only you possess. So again, ask yourself what's holding you back from sharing it.

In this book of pearls of wisdom, Ron Dinehart, chief executive messenger off The Universe Knows, Inc., shares with you his insight and unique pearls of wisdom. These pearls are meant to guide you and assist you in finding out your genius purpose and to encourage you to live a life filled with passion, adventure and excitement.

Life is too short and too precious to just go through the motions. Stretch your boundaries, gather your courage, and always remember to be in gratitude along the way. For more information, please visit

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The Other Side of Goodbye

by Jules Angelina

Our Price: $10.99

Tragic circumstances have thrust Claire Eva Brandt into an unfamiliar new life. Now, she must decide if this new life is one that’s worth living, despite being given an incredible opportunity to begin again. Will Claire pursue this rare second chance? Or will she remain eternally angry with God and choose to live life in the past… alone? This "What if" story, based in Ireland, will keep you on the edge of your seat, and you just might wonder what you would do if in a similar situation.

Jules started her writing career when she was 14 years old. Growing up in Chicago, she fell in love with stories offering profound life lessons, and the Windy City also sparked her deep passions for art, photography, music, architecture, and the world's diverse cultures. A move to New York led to an extensive cable TV and programming career, that included writing and editing scripts, and ultimately structuring her own stories in screenplay and novel formats.

In addition to writing stories about life and "what if" situations, she also enjoys exploring new and challenging ways to stay young and fit, inspired by a statement by a legendary Nike cofounder: "If you have a body, you are an athlete."

The Other Side of Goodbye is her first published novel. Jules lives in New York with her husband and two children. Read more at

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How Much Did You Pay for Her?

Forgiving the Words That Hurt Adoptive Families

by Christine Rhyner

Our Price: $12.99

Understanding why people say what they do is the first step toward compassion, as it allows us to glimpse another's perspective. This can lead to giving others grace, an undeserved gift of letting people off the hook for what they say that eventually leads us to forgive them.

How Much Did You Pay for Her? challenges adoptive parents to develop a better understanding of the motivations behind what can seem like an endless stream of questions and comments about their family, and, at the same time, addresses the truth of how these exchanges really feel. This book will encourage adoptive families with a desire to forgive in their hearts to respond positively to those with whom they engage, transforming pain into gain.

Christine Rhyner is an adoption advocate, mother to two internationally adopted children and a Christian "work in progress." She writes about infertility, reproductive technologies, adoption and personal experience. Her debut book, How Much Did You Pay for Her? Forgiving the Words That Hurt Adoptive Families, is a raw and honest account of her struggles and triumphs in these areas, highlighting a need for forgiveness before, during and after an adoption journey. Her work aims to provide families with helpful, Biblically-based ways to achieve freedom from hurt, resentment and guilt. Christine lives on beautiful Long Island, NY with husband John, son Lucas and daughter Olivia. She loves the water, sunsets, butterflies and lots of chocolate. Read more at

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Between Henry & Clinton

by Francine Richetti

Our Price: $11.00

Life has a way of happening without notifying you first. Teo is living a life he inherited; a life he thought he was responsible for; a life that was brought about by circumstances out of his control; a life he rarely, if ever, talks about. Teo knows what it feels like to love. He knows what it means to be depended on. He knows how to sacrifice. What he doesn't know is how to trust, how to let his guard down, or how to let himself feel again. Until, one night, on a stoop in Brooklyn, between Henry and Clinton.

Francine grew up the daughter of a New York City Firefighter. As a child, she spent summers on the beaches and waters of Long Island and Cape Cod. A former Litigation Paralegal, she now spends most of her time at soccer fields, baseball fields or dance competitions. She lives on Long Island, New York with her husband and three kids. Read more at

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The Darkling Hills

by Lori Martin

Our Price: $12.50

"A carefully wrought fantasy of romance, intrigue, and war. Recommended!"Library Journal

In the ancient land of the Five Hills, the worshippers of Nialia, goddess of Fate, see the future in fire and wisps of smoke. But the followers of Armas, god of Strength and Power, are grounded in the past and have a practical grasp of the present. They are forbidden to marry among the Nialians, the seers of the future. For a child born of such love will be godlike, having all time and knowledge in his grasp, and the mortal shell will not contain it. Death or madness will result, and a great destruction will come upon the Hills...  

Now, in the first year of the Sixth Hold of the King, the warning signs of a coming evil are increasing. A challenge to royal supremacy grows in strength and cunning in the passages of the palace, while across the border the enemy prepares in secret for war against them. Dalleena, the young royal heir, finds her once-strong powers of prophecy failing. To protect her country, she knows only that she must commit a great crime and heresy - risking her own life and the life of her lover.  

From the palace of Lindahne to the edge of the Sea, from the darkness of Sanlin's Cave to the secret political maneuverings of Mendale, this epic fantasy novel seizes the imagination as the story sweeps to the final joining of battle across The Darkling Hills.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (otherwise known as Long Island, New York), Lori Martin was a fantasy author whose first novel, The Darkling Hills, was published by New American Library and Signet. Falling prey to life’s many distractions, including the necessity of earning a living and raising children, Martin nearly forgot how much fun it is to make stuff up. She has recently returned to fantasy writing, issuing a new edition of The Darkling Hills. The sequel, Calling Up the Fire, is complete and will be released soon. Martin is currently at work on a new series. Read more at

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Melancholy and the Otherness of God: A Study in the Genealogy, Hermeneutics & Therapeutics of Depression

by Alina N. Feld

Our Price: $24.95

An impressive study that prompts the reader toward philosophical reflection on the hermeneutics of melancholy in its relation to maturing theological understanding and cultivation of a profound self-consciousness. Melancholy has been interpreted as a deadly sin or demonic temptation to non-being, yet its history of interpretation reveals a progressive coming to terms with the dark mood that ultimately unveils it as the self's own ground and a trace of the abysmal nature of God. The book advances two provocative claims: that far from being a contingent condition, melancholy has been progressively acknowledged as constitutive of subjectivity as such, a trace of divine otherness and pathos, and that the effort to transcend melancholy-like Perseus vanquishing Medusa-is a necessary labor of maturing self-consciousness. Reductive attempts to eliminate it, besides being dangerously utopian, risk overcoming the labor of the soul that makes us human. This study sets forth a rigorous scholarly argument that spans several disciplines, including philosophy, theology, psychology, and literary studies.

"Feld’s Melancholy and the Otherness of God wholly recreates melancholy into a comprehensive sickness of our soul by way of a reenactment of our deepest philosophical and theological thinking. Now everything is not only centered upon the sickness unto death but that sickness is drawn forth as our deepest and most ultimate condition, yet a condition that is not simply a negative condition but one making possible renewal and rebirth, and renewal precisely by way of melancholy itself, a melancholy that is an ultimate depression, but a depression open to a profound reversal."Thomas J. J. Altizer, radical theologian, professor emeritus, SUNY Stony Brook

Alina N. Feld teaches religious studies, ethics, and Western and Eastern philosophy at Hofstra University and Dowling College in New York.

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Give Back the Pain: Emotional Healing through Source Completion Therapy

by Robert T. Bleck, Ph.D.

Our Price: $11.95

Believing that we all suffer from at least some emotional wounds as a result of our past experiences, Dr. Robert Bleck set out to devise a recovery therapy to aid his clients in "coming to terms" with those past hurts. The result has come to be known as Source Completion Therapy (SCT).

"To live a healthy and enriched life, our past emotional woundslike bodily infectionsmust be cleansed and allowed to heal. Source Completion Therapy is designed to do just that."Dr. Bleck, Chapter 1

Incorporating all the effective, significant psychological theories widely in use today, SCT takes us on a journey of personal exploration and emotional healing built on the theory that we can only break free of the disabling effects of our hurts if we (first) become fully aware of their true origins, (next) re-experience the trauma, and (finally) complete the healing process by confronting the source of the pain.

The text is completed by an easy-to-use self-hypnosis script designed to bring on the state of relaxation necessary for reliving and re-experiencing the events that created our symptoms. Options for giving the pain back to its source (completing) are also offered. Read more at

Robert T. Bleck, creator of Source Completion Therapy, received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 1977. Dr. Bleck is a certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor. A former professor at a number of universities, he is currently a psychotherapist in private practice. As a writer and an innovator in the field, he has appeared on television and radio shows throughout the country.

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Sacrifice for a Kingdom

by Patricia D'Arcy Laughlin

Our Price: $26.95

An extraordinary, sensual, contemporary romance, that will provoke every emotion, of an enigmatic philanthropic beauty from the exotic island of Trinidad, a socially conscious courageous European Prince, and the other mysterious loves, lives, and lies, that complicate their potentially idyllic life.

Both audacious, Elizabeth gives inflammatory Equality Speeches in which she exposes the origins of patriarchal religions, holds them accountable for damaging all humanity with their oppression of females, and uses them to fund the home she founded for mentally challenged children. Her formidable dilemma is how to save both the opposing "Kingdoms" she astonishingly discovers she loves equally.

Prince Michael believes he can influence World Peace, and secretly negotiates with "dangerous people". He does everything in his power to stop Elizabeth from continuing her daring provocative speeches, and struggles with where his loyalty must lie, between his country, his family, and Elizabeth. Their journeys excitingly cross continents and cultures, places and races, until an assassin’s bullet hits its mark.

The saga begins with the warm sweetness of Elizabeth and Prince Michael falling in love before inflaming with passion, intrigue, danger, controversy, and unraveling shocking mysteries. As past alliances and mistakes become exposed, lives are affected by pathos and betrayals, but ultimately love and enduring friendships. In profound ways, this story epitomizes the resilience of the human spirit to rebound from the depths of heartbreak and despair, and rise again triumphant. It is captivatingly set in the USA, Europe, and the Caribbean.

"Incredibly enjoyable, wonderful, engaging, entertaining and well-written. Captures reader's attention and holds it throughout. Combines adult fairy-tale like story with presentation of substantive and provocative issues involving themes of sexism and developed religions and makes one think. I loved how the author creatively fashioned this juxtaposition of thought. Like a mystery novel, I was kept awake at night waiting to find out what happens next. Mysterious, exotic backgrounds, of well-developed characters, captures your imagination. I cannot wait for the sequel."Dr. Larry Thompson, J.D., M.S., B.A., President, Ringling College.

Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin was born in Trinidad of British and French ancestry, educated there, the UK and the USA. A world traveler and award-winning artist, famous for developing her "Unique Stainings on Wood", although having composed poetry and songs, Sacrifice for a Kingdom is her first novel. Married in her teens, she lives in Florida with her husband, has three children, and is blessed with five grandchildren. Watch for her novel’s sequelKingdoms and Sacrifices. Read more about the author and her work at

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Ten Percent Can't Be Saved

by J.P. Bermingham

Our Price: $11.95

Jack Philips, once a promising professional soccer player, is now a burned out criminal defense attorney in Brooklyn. He is beset by clients who can't paydrug dealers, drunks, and assorted petty crooksand haunted by the realization that he is nothing more than a bit player in the so-called "criminal justice system". Somehow, he still hopes for that moment of glory denied. So, when a retired NYPD Internal Affairs detective retains him, at a better than average fee, to defend her nephew, things look up.

Not much lifting in this one. The nephew is accused of the attempt rape and strangulation murder of a fashionable, blonde, female executive at the office where he worked as a security guard. The police have a confession, security video and damaging physical evidence. Jack's been here before. Three steps: Make the kid see the light, cut a plea and pocket a well-earned fee. Alas, all is not as it appears. As evidence of the victim's participation in a major criminal operation comes to light, revelations by the client's zany girlfriend that he may be innocent become more suspect and the corpses mount, Philips resorts to his obsessive pursuit of the "hard" evidence. Everyone, but Jack, can see that his digging is leading to danger for himself and his family. But he can't stop. Jack is in that ten percent.

A defense attorney's obsession with find indisputable evidence in a murder by strangulation case takes Philips into a labyrinth of suspicion and contradiction where the only exit is death.

J.P. Bermingham is a criminal defense attorney in New York City. A specialist in the defense of those accused of committing violent street crimes, the author exposes, in often graphic detail, the unsavory underside of the criminal justice system. He resides in Brooklyn.

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Integrating the Chapters of a Life

by Allen Roth

Our Price: $9.95

Through the sharing of deeply second-personal reflections, questions, insights and feelings, and the use of poetry, humor, anecdote and word-painting, the author digs into the often raw and relatable process of the universal search for self-awareness, wholeness and belonging.

In Integrating the Chapters of a Life, Allen Roth strips his soul bare in an autobiography that is tender, comic and overflowing with emotion. The book looks at the many rich and vexed chapters of his life and tries to make them read as a whole, collected narrative. It is addressed to the reader in second person to make its prose feel universal and its messages less self-important. The reader joins Roth as he struggles in his search for wholeness, taking in his battles with his family legacy, his frequent bouts of panic attacks, his sexuality and his life as a college professor and preschool teacher.

Integrating the Chapters of a Life is written from the vantage point of a man turning 60 years old. He looks back at the divergent personas he has been over his life, attempting to make sense of his traumas, achievements, insights and lost moments. Some three decades in the making, his memoir draws on a wide variety of writing genres, from humor to poetry, psychological investigation to artful prose.

Roth’s account of his frequent panic attacks are chilling in their realistic detail and give unusual insight into the mind of someone who deals with severe anxiety as it plays out in a classroom setting.

“You are already anticipating what tomorrow will do to you… how you will ever get through a semester that only started 20 minutes ago,” writes Roth. “You don’t rationally expect to have another panic attack anytime soon; they don’t happen that way. But there is that generalized state of panic now. The adrenaline that has for the last three years, since the last time this happened, rewarded your teaching, is in a punishing mood. For now it’s drained, you are drained… numb… sick… scared.”

Integrating the Chapters of a Life is an emotional and brutally honest memoir that will reward readers with its insights into the human mind as much as the author’s psyche. Earnest to a fault, the book is a searing depiction of a soul trying to reconcile its contradictory parts.” – P.R. NewsChannel, May, 2012

“Life is hard to define simply. Integrating the Chapters of a Life is a collection of musings from Allen Roth as he ponders his life as a teacher in college and as a father. Using many mediums to tell the stories of his life, Integrating the Chapters of a Life is a curious and recommended memoir for those seeking a very personal story.” – MBR Bookwatch (Midwest Book Review), September, 2012

“The author cleverly uses his craft to keep the reader interested. His use of pathos had me laughing one minute and feeling sympathetic the next. His quick-witted phrases were skillfully placed to pop up when you least expected them. For instance, when discussing a friend who was a psychotherapist, he adds, "although at the time you were unaware that those were two separate words." One cannot avoid noticing his interesting and unusual style of writing in the second person. This helps to draw the reader into the actual experiences.” –  Chris C., Amazon reader review, June, 2012

“I found this book intriguing and loaded with words I did not know existed! I now have new words added to my vocabulary. You can feel his passion, angst, happiness and fear in his words. I am ready for the second book! If you want to read a book that is different than most of your everyday reading, this is it.” – Wendylady, Amazon reader review, July, 2013

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Both Sides of Love

by Kimberly Wenzler

Our Price: $14.95

Twenty-one-year-old Lizzie Adler had everything a young woman could want: she was beautiful, bright, and had both a fun and faithful best friend and a handsome boyfriend with whom she was deeply in love. In one fell swoop, calamity strikes, stripping Lizzie of all that she holds dear. While driving with her best friend, Nan, en route to a party, Lizzie collides with another car.

The results are devastating: Nan doesn’t survive the accident, while Lizzie is forever crippled and disfigured. Lizzie undergoes scores of surgeries and endures ample physical therapy, which ultimately leave her with a face and body she can no longer recognize. Meanwhile, Daniel has just recently left Lizzie to stay with his ailing grandparents in England. He intended to return to her arms after just one summer. Little did he know that, after months of silence from his beloved, he would receive a cold, curt break-up letter, devoid of explanation.

Unable to bear the pain brought on by memories of who she used to be, Lizzie casts her former identity aside and decides to go by the name of Beth. Fast forward twelve years, and Beth is now an almost-happily-married stay-at-home mom with a five-year-old daughter, Stacy. Boredom and pressure from her husband, Alan prompt Beth to join Stacy’s school’s PTA. There, she meets Noreen: the first woman she is able to connect with since Nan’s death so many years ago. Beth is delighted to have finally found someone with whom to face the travails of womanhood. Unfortunately, friendship with Noreen comes at an unexpected and painfully high price.

Both Sides of Love is a poignant exploration of some of life’s most potent, discomfiting questions. How much are you willing to sacrifice for a friend? Is there such a thing as true love, or “The One?” Is it really possible to bounce back from tragedy — to experience rebirth? Funny, candid, and full of surprises, Both Sides of Love is a must-read for anyone who has ever loved, lost, and loved again.

Kimberly Wenzler was born and raised on Long Island, NY, where she currently resides with her husband and their two sons. She blogs at using humor to share her personal views on life, writing, and reading. "Both Sides of Love" is her first novel.

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Polarized: Sex, Lies and Family Betrayal

A Memoir of Manic Depression

by Joseph DeBlasi

Our Price: $11.99

A Life of Ups and Downs


Joseph DeBlasi’s life has never been “normal.” Taken by his father at the age of nine, involved in an inappropriate sexual relationship with his stepmother, and estranged from his mom and two brothers, his formative years were spiked with trauma and pain.

And then he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and all hell broke loose. “Manic Joe” reared his ugly head — a brash but charming guy everybody loved despite his appetite for destroying his own life and anyone’s who crossed his path. Then he would slip into deep, months-long debilitating depressive episodes that not even the heaviest medications could touch. Only the undying support of his loved ones has helped him survive.

From Manic Joe’s run-ins with the law to his experiences with electro-convulsive therapy, Polarized: Sex, Lies and Family Betrayal shows in excruciating and heartbreaking detail what it’s really like to live with mental illness.

"I feel this book may help to enlighten those in the general public who have been fortunate enough to have never experienced this trauma. This book is a heartfelt expose on living with mental illness and specifically the origin of bipolar disorder for this young man who has emerged to lead life as loving husband and father. It is hard to ever empathize the type of illness and trauma this young man was subjected to, both of which this book exposes magnificently. It is a timely issue as mental illness is in the forefront of society at the present time. I applaud this man's courage in revealing the intimate details of his tortured life."Dr. Arlene Trolman

Joseph DeBlasi has a degree in economics from Rutgers University and has worked as a business and systems analyst for the Dreyfus Corp. and AIG. He is a supporter of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Joe currently lives on Long Island, NY and is a full-time stay-at-home dad.

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Whispers in the Galleries:

Ekphrastic and Other Poems

by Lee Marc Stein

Our Price: $19.95

A majority of the poetry in this volume is "ekphrastic"inspired by works of art. The poems were created to offer readers new ways of looking at some of the world's greatest paintings, works whose artists include Rembrandt, Velazquez, Caravaggio, Vermeer, Renoir, Gauguin, Matisse, Goya, Dali and Wyeth. The poems often provide historical and/or psychological insight into creation of the paintings. The art is displayed in full color on the opposite pages from the poems. Also included are three poems based on photographs taken by the author. "Non-ekphrastic" poetry covers a variety of subjects. There are meditations on Tony Bennett's performance at age 80, on the effect of Louis Prima's music, on rafting the Salmon and Rogue Rivers, and on vacationing on St. Maarten. Many of the poems have appeared previously on numerous literary web sites.

"Ekphrastic poetry is inspired by works of artpaintings, sculpture, photography, music, dance. My mother was an artist and taught me to love great paintings. When I wrote my first ekphrastic poem five years ago, I realized the impact it had and how much pleasure it gave me. This book is a tribute in memory of my mother."Lee Marc Stein

Lee Marc Stein retired from a career in direct marketing as a manager, agency executive, and independent consultant. On the client side he held positions with McGraw-Hill Information Systems, Business Week and Standard & Poor’s. As an agency executive, his accounts included Chase, Hertz, American Express, IBM, Bristol-Myers, and US Airways, among others. His consulting clients were magazines, insurance companies, non-profits, and business marketers. Lee received the prestigious Silver Apple Award from the Direct Marketing Club of New York, and was elected to the Direct Marketing Association of Long Island’s Hall of Fame. In addition to his published poetry, Lee has had short stories appear in Bartleby Snopes, Write Place at the Write Time, Cynic Online, nicollsroad and Down in the Dirt. He leads workshops at Stony Brook University’s Lifelong Learning program on modern masters of the novel. He is an enthusiastic walker, photographer, white water rafter and kayaker. A poor golfer, he excels at creating excuses for not playing well. Lee resides in East Setauket with his wife Ann. They have four children, all living on Long Island, and eight grandchildren.

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by Oswaldo A. Jimenez

Our Price: $9.95

Poignant and profound. These stories add up to an exciting, eclectic, lively, edgy, collection that push at the boundaries of the short fiction genre. The stories in this collection speak to an intimate connection between the writer and reader.

Oswaldo A. Jimenez began his career as a traveling photojournalist covering conflicts in Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico and Afghanistan. He started working as a photo editor for newspapers in Maryland and Delaware, where he coordinated photography for the bestselling book, America 24/7. After receiving a fellowship from the American Press Institute he founded a website dedicated to photojournalism. He taught Photojournalism at SUNY Stony Brook, and is Photo Editor at a major newspaper in New York. Oswaldo has been writing short fiction for over ten years. Read more at

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For Children and Young Adults...

Sammy the Tin Man

by Lisa C. Ockun

Our Price: $11.99

This book is dedicated to all the young boys and girls who have lost a mother or father at such an early age in their lives. I have been a teacher for 27 years and have come across so many saddened children who longer had a parent who they loved and missed dearly. This is a difficult subject for children to deal with, and a lot of people do not want to broach the subject. As a former teacher, I feel this subject needs to be dealt with. I want to let young children know that life does go on when they lose a parent, but they are still part of a family unit and are very much loved. It is difficult to lose a parent at any age which I have recently discovered, but dealing with the subject and talking about it can be therapeutic. Death is a part of life, and there are no rules about when a person's time is up.

Sammy was a real character who was a student of mine. His father died when he was 10. Sammy did play a part in our fifth grade production of The Wizard of Oz at P.S. 162. Our principal, Mrs. Durando, always encouraged the arts in our school. Sammy was a cheerful boy with a little sadness about him. He seemed to fight this sadness with his out going behavior. I promised his mother I would take good care of him as I did his brother a year before. Sammy did a super job as the scarecrow, was noticed by his peers as being a wonderful performer, and shocked all the teachers in the school including myself, with his special talent. His mother had no idea, he had no idea, and if it weren't for this fifth grade performance, no one would have realized the great talent this young man possessed. Thank you P.S. 162 and Mrs. Durando for helping this one young man. His goal after graduating high school was to pursue an acting career and attend college. We saved a family. The creative arts are so important for children for many reasons. I, myself, had school phobia and only seemed to come out of my shell when I was performing. Children read better, focus better, socialize better, and seem to thrive when they have this type of outlet. The system is failing in this aspect. The education system needs to see the arts as an integral part of education, not as an extra curricular activity. I have seen the difference in children, children who were falling by the wayside, failing, being labeled as learning disabled or a behavior problem, suffering, or whose multiple intelligence happened to be in the area of the arts.

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Beautiful Eyes

by Lisa C. Ockun

Our Price: $11.99

Beautiful Eyes is a story that takes place in the early 1960's in an apartment complex in Bellerose, Queens, New York. Two next door neighbors, twelve year old Dougie, a boy with a genetic condition called Down Syndrome, and eight year old Lucy become best friends and spend an entire summer together. Sitting on the porch of their apartment complex becomes the highlight of their summer, until one very horrible day when Dougie becomes the target of two boys in his complex. They call him retard and make fun of his eyes. Though Dougie does have Down Syndrome, Lucy thought he had the most beautiful eyes in the world and never realized that he was different than most children his age. Lucy is confused and angry at how the two boys had treated her very best friend. With the help of her mother, Lucy learns a life lesson about diversity.

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Jack Out of the Box: Self-Esteem Elevation for Children

by Dawn Krohberger

Our Price: $12.99

Jack Out of the Box is a story about a character known for centuries as Jack in the Box. Through self-love and self-actualization, he finds a way to choose life out side of his comfort zone helping children find a way to choose life outside of theirs.

“Dawn Krohberger’s Jack Out of the Box is a children’s story of empowerment, encouraging children to go beyond their comfort zones. Well illustrated and entertaining, it contains an important message of self-esteem elevation for all children.” — Dr. Joe Rubino, Creator of and

“Dawn Krohberger is a personal and professional friend of mine. Her stand for assisting our youth to gain full expression and courage to live their lives is unwavering. In the story Jack Out of the Box, I can hear the soft yet confident voice that Dawn possesses as she gently nurtures children into the creative conversation that they need to grow and expand their lives. Bravo for her efforts in writing this book as it is a perfect and colorful communication tool for parents, teachers and guardians and the children they love.” — Reverend Laura Tria, Founder of New Light Sanctuary

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Lines That Rhyme

by Mark Tepper

Our Price: $11.99

Lines That Rhyme is a collection of rhymes whereby children try to guess the answers to questions via clues presented within the rhymes. Lines That Rhyme inspires the child to draw on acquired knowledge and guess the answer before looking at the picture answer on the back of the page. It also gives children the ability to associate words with pictures.

Mark Tepper, the author of Lines That Rhyme, and his spouse live in Plainview, NY where they raised their two children. Mark works for Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, NY and the U.S. Postal Service. He spent three and a half years in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War, and attended Nassau Community College in Garden City, NY and Hofstra University in Uniondale, NY. In his spare time, Mark writes children's stories, thus allowing him to keep in touch with his child within.

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Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life

by Carole P. Roman

Our Price: $9.99

Captain No Beard and his pirate ship the Flying Dragon set sail for a voyage of the imagination with his fearless crew of four: First Mate Hallie, Mongo the Monkey, Linus the Loudmouthed Lion, and Fribbit the Floppy Frog. Once they board his bed, their world is transformed into a magical vessel, sailing the seven seas on dangerous and exciting adventures! "Roman charms with an imaginative, whimsical picture book that will entertain even the oldest pirates." – Kirkus Review

Named to Kirkus Reviews' "Best of 2012" for Children's Indie Books for her first book, Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life, award winning author Carole P. Roman started writing as a dare from one of her sons. Using an imaginary game she played with her grandson as a base, Captain No Beard was born. Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life has also received the Star of Remarkable Merit and has won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for 2012.

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Pepper Parrot's Problem with Patience
A Captain No Beard Story (Series Book #2)

by Carole P. Roman

Our Price: $9.99

The crew of the Flying Dragon are sailing again. This time, new crew member Pepper Parrot is having a hard time keeping up with the drills. Captain No Beard and his mates join together to help Pepper achieve her goals with patience and tolerance.

Captain No Beard, his First Mate Hallie and the crew of the Flying Dragon pirate ship are excited to welcome a new crew member – Pepper Parrot – today. But the drills are a major problem for Pepper Parrot to complete correctly since she does not know her left from her right. Her new friends show her some understanding, patience and a special trick that encourage her to have the confidence to become a real crew member. Her new discovery makes her look at herself in a more positive, confident way.

Teamwork and helping each other is the theme of this humorous children's book which also includes a subtle teaching tool for dyslexia. The crew of the Flying Dragon shows young readers that there is no need to be sad or frustrated over situations since we each have the ability to overcome when others around us are willing to patiently help and guide us towards progress and success. While we may not yet have the skills we desire at this time, each of us is able to improve and learn with confidence and guidance. So, when we find patience is needed and getting help looks bleak, the solution-oriented crew of the Flying Dragon can uplift anyone's spirits.

Pepper Parrot's Problem with Patience, the second book in the Captain No Beard series, received 5 Stars from ForeWord Review-Clarion Review.

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Stuck in the Doldrums: A Lesson in Sharing
A Captain No Beard Story (Series Book #3)

by Carole P. Roman

Our Price: $9.99

When the wind stops blowing, Captain No Beard and his crew, including First Mate Hallie, Linus the Lion, Fribbet the Frog, Mongo the Monkey and Polly the Parrot, are stuck on a desert island. Marooned with nothing to do, they begin to play and enjoy themselves. However, Captain No Beard has other ideas, bossing his crew around and making playtime cheerless for everyone. Soon, Captain No Beard decides he has had enough and storms off. When his ship is attacked by a giant squid, he realizes he needs his crew more than ever. Captain No Beard and his crew show young readers it's important to cooperate and share your belongings. The crew teaches us that if you want to have friends, then you must be a friend too.

Captain No Beard and his crew are at it again, but when the wind stops blowing, The Flying dragon gets stranded on a desert island. With his First Mate Hallie, Linus the Lion, Fribbet the Frog, Mongo the Monkey and Polly the Parrot, Captain No Beard has to find a way to use teamwork and understanding to solve the problem at hand. However, when Captain No Bread gets bossy and make playtime miserable for his crew, he soon finds himself alone and helpless when a giant squid attacks. Just when the Captain is in over his head, his faithful crew reunites and teaches him an important lesson.

Full of adventure and silliness, this lighthearted children's book teaches the importance of compromise, cooperation, taking turns and sharing. The crew of the Flying Dragon also demonstrates that even when there are disagreements, friends support one another. In additional to valuable lessons, Captain No Beard's adventure is full of the type of danger and excitement that's sure to keep young readers captivated and attentive from beginning to end. With undeniable charm, Captain No Beard and his crew teach young readers valuable lessons in life that can keep anyone out of the doldrums.

"His crew's frankness in explaining how to be both a friend and boss will teach children to speak up when their friends aren't being as considerate as they should be. Honesty and a genuine apology help heal the misunderstanding, giving way to cheerful fun and a beautiful lesson for kids. Once again, Roman delights with whimsical pictures, clever test, important lessons and plenty of pirate lingo." – Kirkus Review

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Strangers on the High Seas
A Captain No Beard Story (Series Book #4)

by Carole P. Roman

Our Price: $9.99

Captain No Beard and the crew of the Flying Dragon welcome a new crew member when Cabin Girl Cayla joins the ship. Responsible for his little sister, Captain No Beard is not very happy, because he finds his newest charge a distraction. When faced with danger, the Captain must find a way to escape. While learning valuable lessons about strangers, the crew realizes not to judge somebody because they are young or small. Strength comes in all sizes!

When the Flying Dragon gets a new crew member, Captain No Beard soon discovers that every person is valuable in his or her own way. Responsible for his new crew member and baby sister, the Captain becomes unhappy with his situation and begins to think that being the Captain is hard work. However, when the dreaded Barnabas the Scurvey Dog begins to chase the Flying Dragon, the fearless Captain has to put aside his problems and keep everyone safe. In their race to escape, the Captain, his loyal First Mate Hallie, Mongo the Monkey, Linus the Lion, Fribbet the Frog and Polly the Parrot soon find out that help can come from the most unlikely of places.

The Captain's new adventure is the charming fourth entry in the Captain No Beard children's book series. With a delightful message that teaches children not to judge a book by its cover, this exciting journey will excite young readers as well as teach them valuable life lessons. While stressing the importance of never marginalizing someone because they don't look like they can help or keep up, the adorable crew teaches children the importance of not talking to strangers. Filled with thrilling adventure, this amusing book will teach children the important lessons of their lives, all while keeping them riveted from the very beginning.

Strangers on the High Seas has won second place in the Rebecca's Reads Choice Awards 2013. "Another victory on the high seas for Roman." – Kirkus Review

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The Treasure of Snake Island
A Captain No Beard Story (Series Book #5)

by Carole P. Roman

Our Price: $9.99

After a fierce battle with a storm, the crew goes in search of treasure. Alexander, that is, Captain No Beard uses a map to locate it on the ominous sounding Snake Island. Bravely they dig until they find the best treasure ever!

The crew of the Flying Dragon is together again exploring the vast and beautiful oceans in search of treasure. A colorful sunrise sparks talk of how important books are in learning things. This is followed by a search for treasure, danger and a great reward. Once again, the crew learns that through teamwork, friendship and cooperation there is nothing that can stop them from exploring and discovering the treats the world has to offer.

Writing for children has opened up a whole second act for Carole. While she is still working in her family business, writing this very successful series has enabled Carole to share her sense of humor as well as love for history and culture with the audience she adores. Roman lives on Long Island with her husband and near her children.

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The Crew Goes Coconuts!
A Captain No Beard Story (Series Book #6)

by Carole P. Roman

Our Price: $9.99

There is a storm brewing on the Flying Dragon, and it's not about the weather. When the crew finds themselves parched and not enough juice to go around, blame falls on Hallie's friend Matie the goat. Divided, they square off, ready for a fight and Captain No Beard must teach his crew that not only is bullying wrong, they must learn to value and respect each and every member of the crew. Watch the crew of the Flying Dragon learn an important lesson about being a true friend.

Author Carole P. Roman has just added another gem to her lineup of children's books in the Captain No Beard series. Roman's stories are swashbuckling adventures with a heartfelt message, and her new book is no exception.  In The Crew Goes Coconuts!, children learn how to confront bullying in a healthy manner that seeks to educate rather than shame. Roman's book empowers children to resist peer pressure by understanding that everyone has both strengths and weaknesses.

As the imaginations of cousins Hallie and Alexander bring their stuffed animals to life, the crew of critters is stranded alongside a desert island. The friends wish to refresh their thirst; however, the newcomer to the ship makes a critical error that draws the negative attention of the other shipmates. Miffed by Matty the Goat's mistake, the parched crew turns on the hapless greenhorn with cruel taunts and personal attacks. Captain No Beard steps in and expertly navigates the rough waters of bullying with sensible leadership that leaves everyone with a good taste in their mouths.

Learning to achieve success is complicated for children when schoolmates begin to taunt, bully and tease. The Crew Goes Coconuts! gently explores this ubiquitous issue in the safe environment of a fantastical story with familiar and approachable characters who quickly discover how to turn the situation around.

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I Want To Do Yoga Too

by Carole P. Roman

Our Price: $9.99

Hallie and her mother go to the yoga studio. Hallie wants to join her mom's yoga class, but she isn't allowed. She complains to the babysitter, who gently guides her through four yoga poses. Hallie learns that not only is yoga easy, but fun as well.

Motivated by her love of yoga, Roman has written a book that not only teaches four poses, but shows how easy and accessible yoga can be.

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If You Were Me and Lived In... Mexico... France... South Korea... Norway... Kenya... Turkey... India... Australia... Russia... Portugal...

by Carole P. Roman

Our Price: $9.99

If You Were Me and Lived In... A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World is an exciting new children's series that focuses on learning and appreciating the many cultures that make up our small planet. Perfect for children from Pre-K to age 8, this book is a ground-breaking new experience in elementary education. Interesting facts and colorful illustrations help children realize that although the world is large, people all over the globe are basically the same.

Awarding winning author and former social studies teacher Carole P. Roman has combined her love of teaching with a fun new way to learn about people and different cultures around the world. If You Were Me and Lived In... combines Carole's teaching past with her love of exploration and interest in the world around us.

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Whaley's Big Adventure

by Alexander Luke and Presented by Carole P. Roman

Our Price: $9.99

Join Whaley on his big adventure in the ocean as he meets whales of all different sizes.

Written and illustrated by 5 year old Alexander Luke, and presented by his grandmother, award-winning children's author Carole P. Roman, this oceanic adventure of whale-sized proportions will teach youngsters about the different whales that live in the oceans.

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Sticks 'n' Stones 'n' Dinosaur Bones

Written by Ted Enik and Illustrated by G.F. Newland

Our Price: $12.99


This new book for Juvenile Readers (and dinosaur fans of all ages) celebrates and embellishes the best-known public spat in all Paleontology the cutthroat rivalry between Edward Cope and Charles Marsh that became known as "The Bone Wars."

Sticks ‘n' Stones ‘n' Dinosaur Bones is the first book in Ted Enik’s and artist G.F. Newland's "Unhinged History" series of quirky-but-true science/history books.  Sticks ‘n Stones is a ripping yarn, full of adventure and deceit, in which dinosaurs and Dr. Seuss come together to create a new, delirious American Tall Tale.  For more visit

The following excerpt reveals Enik’s playful "take" on how one bone hunter hyped his discovery:

"With a day's-worth of fangs, and a week's-worth of frills,
And a month's-worth of monstrously segmented gills,

With detachable legs and reversible paws,
And invisible wings and uncountable claws;

My beast is a creature of legend and lore,
An animal never on earth seen before!

'Behold!' bellowed Cope like a one-person chorus,
'My NeverTopThisOne-Ginormous-asaurus!'"

As Sticks ‘n' Stones ‘n' Dinosaur Bones reveals, gradually these two less-than-ethical gents resorted to lying, stealing, blackmail and even destroying fossils in order to advance their own reputations and careers.

Nonetheless, as the book acknowledges:

"Before they went crazy and everything soured,

Because of them Paleontology flowered!"

"The writing is excellent... Adults will find the saga just as fascinating as children... The book is a fun read for kids, adults, teachers and their students. It also contains a good moral to discuss." – Elizabeth Franklin, Portland Book Review

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Letters for Little Timmy Lee

by Nicole Raneri

Our Price: $14.95

An adventurous, interactive children's book about a little boy's imaginative journey while on his bus ride to school. His name is Little Timmy Lee and he discovers written letters that pop up in hidden places, starting at his bus stop. Follow Timmy as these mysterious letters guide him into his next adventure!  For more visit

Nicole Raneri is a young writer and artist living in New York. Her passion for teaching art to children, as well as her new found love for writing picture books, all began when she worked as an art teacher for a small children's art studio in Manhattan. Nicole noticed how much her students loved their story time, and she soon realized how much she enjoyed it too.

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Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood

by Valerie Pfundstein

Our Price: $18.95

Incorporating Love of Storytelling with Love of Country

After learning about veterans in school, a young boy discovers that heroes live all around him: the butcher, barber, librarian and many other members of his community who have helped protect our freedom and liberty by serving in various branches of the American military. Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood is an engaging, rhyming picture book for readers of all ages that fosters mindfulness of and appreciation for the brave servicemen and women who are also our family, friends and neighbors.

Valerie and Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood were featured on TV’s Fox and Friends. Valerie’s grandfather served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and modeled a sense of patriotism that she has always felt compelled to share. “There are so many patriots who are true heroes, in every sense of the word, who serve and humbly return to our communities. We should recognize and show our appreciation for their selfless service. Few of us will ever witness an act of valor, yet we walk among heroes who perform them every day – not in military uniform or by wearing their medals, but while serving our communities as teachers, firefighters and mail carriers.”

Valerie has served as a Girl Scout leader for over 12 years and is also an advisor to a Boy Scout Venturing Crew. She lives with her husband Paul, a New York City firefighter, and their three children in Long Island, NY. Read more at

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When Simple Was Hard to Do

Book and Song CD

by Marylyn Varriale

Our Price: $12.99

Read Along - Sing Along - Play Along

When Simple Was Hard to Do illustrates how learning new things in life usually goes from difficult to easy. It helps children see that even though things seem hard at first, with a little practice, all become easier and fun! This is a whimsical story with a music CD and digital music file. High interest for grades Pre K-1 and ages 3 to 6. When Simple Was Hard to Do is a great gift for new moms, grandmas, children's birthdays and teachers.  Read more at

Marylyn Varriale has spent many successful years capturing thoughts, feelings and images in music, lyrics, and story form. In the educational field, she has composed numerous songs and musical plays that inspire young children. When Simple Was Hard to Do is her latest children’s book. Another notable work is Letterville, a musical approach to the teaching of phonics published by NRSI, Inc. As a commercial artist, Marylyn creates works for theatrical productions and is an award-winning jingle writer for radio and TV. Her new musical play, Evangeline, A Curious Journey, was produced as a unique staged reading. Please visit her website at to sample some of her creative works.

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The Story of Little Laffe

by Ronna S. Kurash

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No matter how happy or optimistic a person may be, we are not infallible to heartache. Often, hardships are roads to a better and more meaningful life, although we may not see nor believe it at that moment. The Story of Little Laffe is a children's book. However, grown-ups can learn something good from The Story of Little Laffe as well.

This is a children's book with colorful illustrations about a giraffe different from the other giraffes. It is about bullying and teaches kindness and good values. Partial proceeds go to help animals and to fight cancer. The Story of Little Laffe is a wonderful teaching tool for children.

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Madison Weatherbee – The Different Dachshund

by Barbara Anne Kirshner

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I’m a dachshund named Madison now, but there was a time when I didn’t have a name or anything else.  I was born on a farm and was happy with Momma and my brothers and sisters until they all found homes; all except for me.  No one wanted me, because I was different.  Without warning, I was tossed in a dark case and sent away on a plane.  I unlocked that case.  When we landed, I escaped, ran through the airport and onto a train that dropped me in New York City.  The scariest things happened as I struggled to survive and to find what I wanted most of all-a loving family.


In Praise of Madison Weatherbee – The Different Dachshund


Madison Weatherbee – The Different Dachshund is a heartwarming journey about finding love and acceptance in a sometimes frightening world.  Full of twists and turns, our heroine pup discovers friends and foes during her quest for a forever home.  Through this sweet, innocent pup, Barbara Anne Kirshner celebrates the differences that make each and every one of us so special and unique.  I fell in love with Madison!” –  JoAnn Havrilla, Actress of Stage, Screen and Television

Barbara Anne Kirshner is an accomplished educator, author, actress, and photographer.  She is passionately dedicated to animal advocacy, volunteers for rescue groups and has written many published articles on the subject.  Barbara is also a playwright with plays produced across Long Island.  She lives in Miller Place, NY with her husband, Gregg, and their three adorable dachshunds – Lexington, Park and Melissa Tulip – who expect to see their stories in print real soon.  Barbara dedicates her book Madison Weatherbee – The Different Dachshund, to the memory of the real Madison, the inspiration for her book.

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