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Our shelves are full of books written by local and independent authors, writers who have chosen to self publish or to work with a publisher outside of the big national conglomerates. In support of their efforts, we are pleased to present the following selections currently on sale at Book Revue.

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Wellington Redemption

by Stephen F. Medici

Our Price: $20.00

How many of us have, at one time or another, felt we were living the wrong life; maybe even fantasized about living a completely different life? For Joey Martinez, a successful, young stock analyst, that feeling was overwhelming. Something told him there was another life he was destined to lead. But once he crossed over to the other life, and immersed himself in the colorful world of Equestrian Show Jumping, the ghosts of his past sins haunted him relentlessly.

The author has pledged 100% of the royalties from this publication to the Suffolk County Volunteer Firefighters Burn Center Fund. The SCVFBC is the only designated burn care facility for the more than 1.5 million Suffolk County residents. The center coordinates burn services throughout the region, and conducts training and research in burn care. At the Burn Center, patients receive quality care provided by a highly specialized burn team, including surgical critical care physicians and nurses, respiratory therapists to plastic surgeons, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.

The 7,200 square foot center was renamed the Suffolk County Volunteer Firefighters Burn Center in honor of the volunteer firefighters who have made it their mission for many years to support the center and its patients.


SUKI: What Does Love Really Look Like?

by C.F. Winn

Our Price: $12.99

Life offers one guarantee…death.

SUKI tells the story of Savannah, an independent go getter who allows fear to keep her from being completely happy, and Dwayne, a softhearted ex-Marine with a talent for creativity. The couple is destined to find each other and carry out a preordained agreement made long before their human feet enter this Earthly plane. Their connection is tangible and their lives easy — until they are presented with one challenge that shakes them to their cores. The couple’s subsequent struggle to make sense of their imploding world comes to a head in the epilogue, where a shocking secret is revealed in an overdue letter.

We all assume we know what love is, but think again. It comes in many shapes and sizes. If you knew ahead of time that you’d never see “happily ever after”, would you choose to live at all for the sake of love? Read more at

CF Winn flexes her story telling muscle and shows us why she is an award winning author. SUKI will grab your heart and make you think about your place… and your purpose in this world.

CF Winn is a freelance writer of blogs and short stories when she’s not training others in the art of Market Research. Her day job has led her to places that few of us know exist. Worlds where eccentricity is the norm and even sometimes embraced. Led by several off kilter muses, CF has been graciously guided into the awards arena, most notably, Wordsmitten Storycove for her flash fiction story, “Sunday Drives Done Mojo Style.”

CF Winn is the founder of Winning! Publications, a firm specializing in editing and promotion services for authors. Her latest project is the just released Trailer Trash, With a Girl’s Name, a hilarious and heartwarming story of a boy saddled with a girl’s name and forced into a nomadic existence. Ms. Winn lives in New York with her three brilliant children and is a regular contributor to and The Lindenhurst Patch.

Tales From a Broad

by Jeannine Henvey

Our Price: $15.95

Forty-two and feeling not-so-fabulous, Lucy Banks allows her older sister to talk her into accompanying her twenty-four-year-old niece on a trip around Europe. In the past year, she has lost her fiancé, her job and her fertility. Embracing her role as spinster aunt seems to be Lucy’s only option, until she embarks on a romantic adventure through London, Amsterdam, Munich, Paris and Florence. Will a room with a view and a handsome stranger be enough to open her heart and mind to new experiences? Tales From A Broad promises to draw readers into a light-hearted tale of emotional development, self-discovery and love.

Jeannine Henvey, a Long Island native, graduated magna cum laude from Hofstra University with a Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. After graduate school she moved to Manhattan where she mastered the art of job hopping. She finally landed in publishing where she had a long stint as a promotional writer for many popular women’s magazines.

Jeannine backpacked around Europe with three of her friends in between undergrad and grad school. Whether in a youth hostel, on the EuroRail, sitting in a pub, or at a sidewalk cafe, she kept a journal throughout the two month trip. Over the years, she had come across the book and put it away, knowing that one day she would do something special with it. It was that journal that inspired her to write Tales From a Broad.

When she’s not traveling the world with her fictitious characters, Jeannine is happily grounded with her husband and three children on Long Island.

A Force for Good

by Samuel Muggington

Our Price: $12.05

Clown’s baby brother was shot and killed at the Courts in East Harlem. Everyone thought that thugs from the Original Young Gangsters (OYG) did it, but they couldn’t be sure. It seemed like no one could stop the violence until a group of teens took matters into their own hands and formed the Force for Good (FFG). Using their wits, survival skills and the latest techie gadgets, the FFG fought the gang bangers in their search for the killer. The truth turned out to be more evil and twisted than any of them imagined.

After travelling the world I finally settled in the New York City area where I have lived for the past twenty years. I am captivated by nature and science and technology. On top of that, I have now found I love to tell wild, crazy stories. Each novel I write is an adventure and I have no idea where or if it will ever end. I hope you will read and enjoy my simple tales. Please read more at

Pomroy’s World: Arrival

by Samuel Muggington

Our Price: $16.80

The SUV hit Pomroy and crushed his skull. He never woke from the coma. His doctor gave his parents no hope. Little did they know that Pomroy walked in another strange world. There he met a beautiful girl named Nna. Nna and Pomroy experience wild adventures and hilarious cross-cultural misunderstandings as they try to survive. Pomroy is torn between his love for the exotic Nna and his desire to go home to his familiar world. Meanwhile, a young physicist and her intern make a fantastic breakthrough. They built a sophisticated dark matter device powered by a quantum computer. Eventually they too become trapped in Pomroy’s world. No one knows if the laws of physics will ever let them return.

After travelling the world I finally settled in the New York City area where I have lived for the past twenty years. I am captivated by nature and science and technology. On top of that, I have now found I love to tell wild, crazy stories. Each novel I write is an adventure and I have no idea where or if it will ever end. I hope you will read and enjoy my simple tales. Please read more at


Between Henry & Clinton

by Francine Richetti

Our Price: $11.00

Life has a way of happening without notifying you first. Teo is living a life he inherited; a life he thought he was responsible for; a life that was brought about by circumstances out of his control; a life he rarely, if ever, talks about. Teo knows what it feels like to love. He knows what it means to be depended on. He knows how to sacrifice. What he doesn’t know is how to trust, how to let his guard down, or how to let himself feel again. Until, one night, on a stoop in Brooklyn, between Henry and Clinton.

Francine grew up the daughter of a New York City Firefighter. As a child, she spent summers on the beaches and waters of Long Island and Cape Cod. A former Litigation Paralegal, she now spends most of her time at soccer fields, baseball fields or dance competitions. She lives on Long Island, New York with her husband and three kids. Read more at

Eyes of the Soul

by Karen Esposito

Our Price: $17.95

Jack always longed to lift the physical world’s veil of illusion and peer into the reality behind it. His journey, in the afterlife, provides answers to his lifelong quest for forgotten truths. Traversing two worlds with the guidance of a mysterious angel transforms Jack by replacing the ego’s vision with that of the soul’s. He gains an elevated perspective through releasing limiting beliefs and replacing them with liberating insights. The world, and his path, are seen in a magical way.

Did you ever wonder what is hidden behind life’s curtain? What forgotten truths await to guide you through life? Join Jack on a spiritual journey that replaces the ego’s vision with that of the soul’s, and traverses two realms. Be prepared to see the world, and your path, in a magical, new way.

“Karen Esposito addresses the needs of contemporary seekers in this inspirational book. She gives us practical tools with which we can gather spiritual knowledge.” — Barbara Biziou, author of The Joys of Everyday Ritual and The Joys of Family Rituals

“This is a must read! Karen’s grasp of spirituality is comprehensive and inspiring. I encourage you to embark upon this awesome journey. You’ll feel enlightened, elevated, and entertained!” — Louisiana Zinn, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and Healer

Esposito read her poem, What was not Seen on September 11th, at the first 9/11 memorial. Her Columbine poem, A Cry for Help in Columbine, was published in The Denver Catholic Register. She has now turned her capability for healing words into a novel. Karen is a second degree Reiki master. She has a career in the travel industry and lives in New York City.

Digging: Lifting the Memorable from Within the Unthinkable

by Susan Rostan

Our Price: $17.95


Have you ever really thought about your ancestors beyond their names and dates of events in their lives? The stories of how they lived their lives can be a source of strength as well as inspiration in your own life. In this new work of narrative nonfiction, Susan M. Rostan invites us to experience her journey as she seeks to uncover the story of her husband’s family, including two courageous but silent survivors of WWII’s Warsaw Ghetto: her mother-in-law Elzbieta and Elzbieta’s brother, Marian Rosenbloom. With the passing of Elzbieta, an aging Uncle Marian is the only surviving link to his family’s history — the stories of tragic loss and heroic survival — that he and his sister had refused to share with anyone throughout their lives. Encouraged by the author and driven by an emerging sense of responsibility to his sister’s namesake and future generations, Marian begins a difficult journey into the memories of his childhood in the Warsaw Ghetto and subsequent survival. As his experiences unfold, he haltingly recalls how he managed to escape the Ghetto and survive, thanks to his courageous rescuers. Out of his remembrances, the author nurtures not only the story of her husband’s family history, but finds herself immersed in an insistent desire to honor Marian’s rescuers. Through her poignant and compelling narrative, she revives Elzbieta’s legacy of hope, caring and laughter for all of us to share.

“As a Pole, I highly appreciate the joint efforts of Susan and Marian to restore the memory of Polish Jews, former residents of my hometown… and the memory of my countrymen who risked their own lives as well as their families’ lives whilst hiding and saving from death their Jewish friends, neighbors and even strangers. With this book, some of them receive the title of Righteous Among the Nations for their quiet heroism.” – Aleksander Kopiński, Polish literary critic, historian and genealogist.

Grand Prize Winner (Nonfiction), 2014 LuckyCinda Book Contest

“An emotionally charged, beautifully written book is how one reviewer described this story and we agree. The story is a narrative of the survivors of WWII’s Warsaw Ghetto and their rescuers. It will remind you how cruel humanity can be, but, too, how resilient and courageous the spirit fighting for survival. A personal story worth reading.” – LuckyCinda Book Contest Judge’s comments

Susan M. Rostan is a visual artist, educational researcher, and the author of Digging: Lifting the Memorable from Within the Unthinkable, a work of creative nonfiction. She has written well-received articles in The Journal of Creative Behavior and Creativity Research Journal as well as chapters in diverse books on creativity. She has an MFA from Long Island University and a doctorate in gifted education from Columbia University. Ms. Rostan has directed the Rostan Art School since 1970, conducted extensive research in children’s artistic development, and has served as an adjunct professor in Hofstra University’s School of Education. Ms. Rostan and her husband Robert live on Long Island. Read more at

How May I Serve?

by Karen Mathews

Our Price: $13.99

How May I Serve? is a guide to empower women who are struggling to find a way out of their troubles. I have tortured and abused myself for many years trying to find love, happiness and peace of mind.  Yet, the more I sought these things, the more they eluded me. Then, I realized it was an “inside” job. I had to learn to love myself, forgive myself and make peace with myself. So many women have been brought up with limiting beliefs about themselves from childhood. From the time I was conceived, I was an unwanted pregnancy. From the deep recesses of my subconscious mind, I programmed a tape of being unloved and unlovable. I acted and attracted circumstance after circumstance to validate this belief. I played the victim role very well. I did not know how to get out of my own way. The more I avoided looking at the cause of the problems; however, the worse they got. I hit my bottom upon finding out that my oldest daughter had a heroin addiction. This brought everything full circle. In order to save her, I had to change myself.

Karen Mathews has traveled extensively around the world to find her purpose in life. She has learned and discovered the answers were inside her all along. If she stays present in the moment, serves others and learns from her failures, the answers will reveal themselves. Karen is an empowerment coach, teaching people the laws of the natural world. She also practices reflexology, teaches Nia dance, gardens, and loves to take long walks. She also still travels the world. The greatest significance she can offer humanity is to serve and give her best, to shed light and give value to the world gives her great joy. Read more at Karen Mathews.

Deadly Motivations

by Philip Schulman, M.D.

Our Price: $21.95

Daniel Whitacore is a brilliant oncologist who discovers a way to use a deadly virus to treat lymphoma. His discovery is a miracle to those who suffer from the devastating disease. Unfortunately, Daniel has enemies. These enemies hope to alter his miracle cure to make it something deadly to harm Daniel as well as the entirety of mankind. Not only must Daniel fear those who mean him harm, but also, he must be wary of those closest to him. John Abel is Daniel’s devoted fellow, but even he soon gets caught up in the plot and becomes an unwilling conduit to its execution. John’s girlfriend, Susan, is a Harvard educated Ph.D. She may be smart, but can she be trusted? An outside force, Peter Sutter, recently lost his son to cancer, and he seeks revenge against Daniel, much like the others who would use his miracle cure to kill. Then, there is Jack Comstock: a jihadist conflicted as to his motivations and the ramifications of his actions. All of these people are soon intertwined by Daniel’s scientific discovery, but will any of them get what they truly want?

Philip Schulman, M.D. is a physician who lives on Long Island with his wife Sherry. He attended Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, New York and has spent many years of his illustrious career treating patients with cancer as Chief of Medical Oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center on Long Island. He currently serves as a Medical Director of Oncology at Eviti, Inc.


by Greg Kemp and Willy Minnix

Our Price: $15.00

In the modern world, the factions of governments, religions, and military powers are scrambling to answer one question: Who controls the Fear that controls all people? Dr. Karol Seguin has been hired by her publishing company to document the day to day decisions of the current president of the United States. He has uncanny intelligence and universal popular regard. And, from his impending resume of distinction, his constituency has commissioned that his life be documented as in line with the great leaders of history. Karol and her acquaintances, Col. Thomas Graile and Justice Mel Sodeq, are bombarded with a flurry of new questions. Is there technology to boldly manipulate the many populations of the world by only one person? Are there secrets of antiquity that give hints and clues to a power greater than mortality? What is a legend? What is a conqueror? Ultimately, three questions exist: Is the world controlled by omnipotence or debilitation? Is it better to be omnipresent or to be continual in spirit? And, the greatest of these questions is: Will the minds of conquerable people fall by the individual who is omniscient or the individual who can impose confusion?

Greg Kemp is a school psychologist, rock guitar enthusiast, and an equal apologist to the use of long words and scheme philosophies in professional football. All is considered mere gust and dust when compared to just spending time with his wife and kids. Willy Minnix is a pastor, musician, graphic artist and author of several books covering topics such as music theory, theology and fiction. Willy has also released several CDs. He lives with his wife, kids and dog somewhere in the world. Read more at

Personality Predictors:

People Who Look Alike, Are Alike. It’s In the DNA! Your Biology is Your Biography

by Marcia Stanex Cammarata

Our Price: $13.95

Personality Predictors is the ultimate guide to better relationships and success in like. It will provide you with a pathway to understanding your inner self and relating to others.

Personality Predictors is a guide and the key to empowering yourself and controlling your destiny, enhance your self esteem and find stepping stones to friendship, intimacy and achievement, as well as becoming secure in who you are, so you can find fulfillment and success in life. You can move forward with confidence, accept the challenges life presents and overcome inadequacies once you understand your temperament.

Once you learn to identify the 7 Personality Types through the art of observation, you will be able to navigate through life with less stress and develop the power of positivity. You will see humanity more clearly. There is a correlation between behavior styles and personality types established by numerous studies. This book will help you master the art of observation and analysis in the study of human nature.

Personality Predictors evolved from the ancient historical study of Physiognomy which evolved other centuries. Genetics determine the structure of your character traits from birth. You are an echo of the generation before you. All human development is determined by nature and our ancestral record. Neuroscience and recent studies have reinforced that we are a product of our genetics. It is in our DNA.

Personality Predictors is an analysis system that can be learned. This book will provide you with innovative tools to achieve that knowledge. Whether you are simply curious about yourself and your family and friends or in a profession that requires social interaction, you will benefit by being able to predict personality types of individuals by observing their facial and body characteristics. You will have the advantage of knowing what a person is like behind the mask and develop the skills to communicate with them as well as understand their eccentricities, idiosyncracies and attributes. You can avoid relationship pitfalls and make the best of every situation you encounter.

The 7 Types of Personality Predictors provides you with an innovative and powerful tool that is more accurate and unique than astrology or other methods. It opens the door to better understand and discovery of who you are. Read more at

Stolen Light

by Claudia Riess

Our Price: $21.99

Stolen Light is a suspense novel set in the art world and involving the Italian Renaissance, the Cuban Revolution, as well as a love story. Cuba, 1958: the art collection of sugar plantation owner, American born William Delaney, is seized. Delaney is killed during the incident, and his pregnant wife flees Cuba, never to look back. Now, over fifty years later, Delaney’s wife dies, and his daughter, Helen Gilmore, intent on “knowing” the father whose life was shrouded in secrecy, is determined to restore what she can of his legacy. She seeks the help of young Art News writer, Erika Shawn, whose boss hooks her up with a more seasoned hand, art historian, Harrison Wheatley. What begins as an academic endeavor quickly changes character when Helen is brutally murdered and Erika is anonymously warned to give up her assignment. Undeterred, she continues her investigation, Harrison following suit. Their quest leads them to finding what may be a Michelangelo drawing; to unraveling a mystery over a half century old; and to solving Helen’s murder. Their sleuthing is complicated by their burgeoning passion, as irresistible and, in a sense, as threatening as their mission.

“Complex and intriguing” — Kirkus Reviews

Claudia Riess, a Vassar graduate, has worked in the editorial department of The New Yorker and has edited art history monographs. Her first novel, Reclining Nude, was published by Stein and Day. Oliver Sacks, neurologist and author of Awakenings commented: “…exquisite and delicate… a most courageous book, full of daring — a daring only possible to a passionate and pure heart.”  Read more about Ms. Riess and her works at

Semblance of Guilt

by Claudia Riess

Our Price: $21.99

Ellen Davis’s husband left her for another woman. Post-divorce, she’s trying to reassert her independence and lands a job as a reporter for her local newspaper. One of her assignments is covering weekly items on the police blotter, which is how she gets to know Lieutenant Pete Sakura—a handsome, witty Japanese- American Ellen is drawn to immediately. Another of Ellen’s assignments is interviewing for the paper’s “Around The Town” column, and in this capacity, she meets Graham and Sophia Clarke, newcomers to the community. He’s an administrator at Columbia; she’s his beautiful Greek wife. Ellen and Sophia become fast friends, so it comes as a great shock when Sophia ends up dead. Sophia Clarke is found murdered, and to all appearances, Ellen is the last person to have seen her alive. When Ellen’s fingerprints are found on the murder weapon, she’s arrested, and evidence steadily mounts against her. Ellen takes matters into her own hands as her romantic feelings for Pete intensify. Closing this case could either save Ellen or lead to her destruction. “A determined amateur detective who’ll garner fans with her refusal to either back down or give up.” —Kirkus Reviews. Read more about Ms. Riess and her works at

Love and Other Hazards

by Claudia Riess

Our Price: $14.95

Love and Other Hazards is a novel about urban singles stumbling toward fulfillment in an odyssey of sex, love, and parenting.

Glenda Fieldston is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with her seven-year-old daughter, Astrid, when Eugene Lerman comes walking by with his eight-year-old daughter, Meredith, a schoolmate of Astrid’s. The families spot each other, Glenda and Eugene engage in long-range cursory assessments, and then they go their separate ways.

But not for long. Glenda and Eugene cross paths professionally soon after, and circumstances at work bring them into close association. So begins a friendship fraught with complications. Glenda’s independence is self-imposed and fierce. Eugene’s was foisted on him by a wife who left him. Although Glenda’s and Eugene’s personal demons are incompatible, their longings are, confoundedly, in harmony. Their cautious friendship is further inhibited by past and present relationships, and it remains to be seen if they can break out of their set ways to make a break for uncharted love.

Read more about Ms. Riess and her works at


Medicine Hat Moments Animal Cards

by Darlene Fricchione and P.E. Calvert

Our Price: $24.00

Medicine Hat Moments is an animal deck of cards designed to enhance consciousness, intuition, and dream interpretation. Medicine Hat Moments cards use animal spirits as a powerful tool in sharing ancient Native American wisdom. There are four cards for each animal in the deck, one for each elementair, water, fire and earth. The Lakota name for the animal appears underneath the English (North American) name for the animal. The bottom of the card reflects the herb associated with the animal. Users may ask an open-ended question, shuffle the deck of cards, and choose one through intuition, or find a card that represents an animal they have recently encountered. It is suggested that users consider the animal’s nature, habits, and relationship with Mother Earth. Users may also read the cards in layouts: North, East, South, and West for the Medicine Wheel; or three cards for Past, Present, and Future. There is no specific ritual required to use Medicine Hat Moments Animal Cards. How the user chooses to interact with the animals is their personal choice and the meaning is specific to them. The animal spirits are always with us.

Over the last 20 years, and Darlene Fricchione and P.E. Calvert have proudly been involved in diverse groups of self-healers, shamans, and visionaries; exploring the art of spirituality and self-growth. The wisdom and tools of these magical practitioners helped inspire the idea for Medicine Hat Moments. For many years, Darlene Fricchione traveled the world with a famous Native American holy man. She is a certified teacher of Conscious Dreaming techniques and interpretations. Darlene is also a certified astrologer and a practitioner of the ancient Hawaiian teachings known as Hooponopono. Darlene incorporates all her learning tools as a spiritual coach. Learn more about Darlene by visiting P.E. Calvert is a spiritual mentor and leads workshops in guided meditation, automatic writing, and Shamanism. These studies are designed to be a gateway to Shamanic states of consciousness, power animals, dream interpretation, visioning, and a practical understanding of the medicine wheel for a modern culture. She has also served as producer and writer on various projects for film, television, and theater, including Teen Tone, a youth fitness DVD. Learn more about P.E. Calvert by visiting

The Dirty Little Secrets: Getting Your Dream Job

by Don Raskin

Our Price: $22.95

Don Raskin owns and operates MME, an advertising and marketing agency in New York City. During his twenty-five years at the agency he has interviewed hundreds of new college graduates for positions within his agency and has placed a strong emphasis on entry-level recruitment for positions in creative, account management, traffic, and production. Raskin has also mentored countless students and their parents on best practices for the job search. Over the years, Raskin has kept exceptionally detailed notes on the interviews he has conducted, observing the good, the bad, the ridiculous, the irreverent. He also has a treasure trove of over-the-top cover letters, resumes, interviews, and post interview follow-ups he has conducted and received. Now, he wants to share all the wisdom and insider secrets he has gathered to help students and first-time job seekers find a job in this economy.

Based on his remarkable expertise, Raskin’s book provides exclusive insight into the job search process and lets readers in on all of the dirty little secrets to landing their first job—or a new one—and finding career success.

Turning Blue: A Life Beneath the Shield

by Lawrence Hoffman

Our Price: $24.95

As a kid growing up on Long Island, I struggled with an unknown psychological need to wear a uniform and a strong desire to be a part of an organization. My search would take me through Little League, Cub Scouts, and various fraternal organizations. This desire would only be fulfilled after joining the NYPD in February of 1984. Somewhere during my twenty-year career, I was transformed from that kid into a veteran New York City police detective. This is my evolution from a middle-class suburban kid with simple values who naively thought the “projects” were a homework assignment into a veteran detective working in some of the most unforgiving neighborhoods of New York City. With this transformation comes the ability to separate the daily exposure to the dark side of human nature from your own life-sustaining core beliefs. Many will fail to acquire this ability and fall victim to drugs, alcohol, divorce, crime, and even suicide. This is a process which I have come to call Turning Blue. This is my story of how I dealt with life-changing experiences at home while my gun belt and uniform hung safely in my locker. In my twenty years of experience as a police officer, I can honestly say that I have been scared and feared for my life. Could you go back to work after crying yourself to sleep, reliving your partner’s screams as he lay bleeding to death in the backseat of your unmarked car, and the only thing keeping your heart in your chest was your department-issued bulletproof vest?


Who’s the Lucky Guy?

by Samuel Muggington

Our Price: $12.00

When he’s fired from his Wall Street IT job, Borden Duffield is certain things couldn’t possibly get much worse. But then, after his air guitar antics make him the star of a viral video, a call from his doctor brings even more cause for concern.

Suddenly, Borden is unemployed, overwhelmed, and facing the reality that he might not live another year. But when fate guides him to an Indian cooking demonstration, he suddenly sees hope in the form of the world’s most valuable spice—the little purple flowers of the saffron plant.

Joined by his wife Helen and his best friend Hill, Borden does everything he can to set his new idea in motion—including firing paintballs at local speeders and experimenting with “liquid ass.” Their destination? Amish country, Pennsylvania, where they’ll learn the secrets of growing saffron and begin gathering intel for their hopefully lucrative operation.

But when a clandestine group of criminals begins enacting its own dastardly plan, Borden could be out of luck yet again—and it’s not long before the group’s moneymaking venture transforms into a high-tech international caper.


Slipped Away

by Jean Mellano

Our Price: $17.95

This is a memoir about a gentle soul who gave so much love and joy to others in spite of his own depression. Steve Tarpinian took his own life on March 15, 2015. He was a beloved coach, swimmer, entrepreneur, friend and companion. His vision established the landscape for triathlon on Long Island. Steve’s true legacy is the lives that he positively impacted while on his journey. Slipped Away exemplifies Steve’s journey and the lives he touched along the way. It include tributes from his soul mate of 33 years, his colleagues, his students, the triathlon community as well as his own writings. The intention of this book is to have Steve’s depth of spirit and compassion live on and continue to have a positive impact on the lives of others.



by Carolann C. McGrath

Our Price: $12.95

Twelve men from different religions and walks of life receive a plain white envelope that contains just one word: COME. Each must respond immediately to the request and give up their way of life. They are a Wall Street broker, a British lord, a homeless person, a poor taxi driver from India, an oil tycoon from South America, a doctor, an archeologist, an engineer, a rock star, a prince from Saudi Arabia, a jeweler from Israel, and a priest from Italy. Their beliefs are in several different gods. There is a Buddhist, one who believes in Allah, some who believe in the one God, and an agnostic, who believes in nothing. Each of these men do not know where they are going. They just go because they are called. They are taken to a monastery where their journey begins. When they arrive at the monastery, they find that they have been called to search for some of the rarest artifacts known to man. Each is given a task that they must complete within one month. They are sent to different parts of the world in search of these artifacts. Among some of the places they will travel to are Brazil, Turkey, India, Egypt, and China. Each man or team of men searches the world over to bring the artifacts back to the monastery. When they find the artifact and touch it, they are forever changed. They cannot believe what they have found. Many will be brought to tears. All will find inner peace. They have been called at a time of complete turmoil in the world, and what they find will bring about peace. This is a story that may make you cry, may make the unbeliever believe. Hopefully, it will bring joy and inner peace to those who read it. Please join with me on the journey of these twelve very special men.


A Journey Through Time

by Mary Ann Dratch

Our Price: Paperback $18.98/ Hardcover $27.98

Driven by her desire to know more about her Italian heritage, twenty-two-year-old Gina MacLeary reaches out to her mother who leads her to eight boxes of journals she kept while growing up in Bologna, Italy. For the first time in her life, Gina possesses the answers to the many questions that have been plaguing her for years. As Gina turns the journal pages and devours her mothers words penned from 1938 to 1945, she witnesses a true glimpse of the human condition during wartime. As her familys experiences are revealed, Gina learns how they coped with the pressures of war, the stress of hiding a family escaping the Jewish ghetto, and their struggle to make it to America. Through it all, Gina gains a new perspective of her family as they endured, sacrificed, and found the strength to overcome adversity. Inspired by real-life stories and conversations, A Journey through Time shares the fascinating tale of an Italian familys struggles as they lived through the horrors of World War II.


My Living Memories Project Journal

by Meryl Ain

Our Price: $15.00

My Living Memories Project Journal is an inspirational, interactive and comforting workbook designed to help readers keep alive the memories and legacies of loved ones. A companion to the award-winning book, The Living Memories Project: Legacies That Last it empowers and inspires readers to transcend grief with a simple message. By remembering the lives and legacies of loved ones, we can take concrete steps to heal ourselves. By remembering and celebrating how they lived, rather than how they died, we can enhance our resilience, compassion and creativity, and renew our desire to live happy, productive, and meaningful lives. The journal features soothing artwork, as well as inspiring and comforting quotes from the original book and other sources. Interactive questions and activities are designed to trigger reflections and writing activities that will keep the memories of loved ones alive. The book is an appropriate gift for those who are missing loved ones. It has also been recognized by professionals as a valuable tool to console and help the bereaved move forward after loss.


The Living Memories Project : Legacies That Last

by Meryl Ain, Arthur M. Fischman, and Stewart Ain

Our Price: $19.00

The Living Memories Project, published in 2014, is an award-winning book that features a unique collection of inspiring stories that celebrate the lives and legacies of loved ones. Coauthored by Dr. Meryl Ain, her brother, Arthur Fischman, and her husband, Stewart Ain, it details through interviews, anecdotes, essays, poems, and photographs the many ways that both celebrities and others have transcended grief to incorporate the presence of their loved ones into their lives. The Living Memories Project provides numerous proactive, creative, comforting, and concrete ways to focus on how loved ones lived, rather than how they died. It was awarded a Silver Medal in the 2014 Living Now Book Awards.

Among the 32 individuals whose stories are featured in the book are: TV personality Nick Clooney; singer/songwriter Jen Chapin; actor Jack Klugman; Lynda Johnson Robb, the daughter of President Lyndon Johnson; and Liz and Steve Alderman, who lost their 25-year-old son Peter on 9/11.

Finding Patterns: Traveling Four Women’s Paths

by Josefa Pace

Our Price: $13.99

Trace the paths of four Italian women in this story about extraordinary immigrants who came to the United States of America in the turbulent years after World War II.

Pasqualina Ruggiero, Matilde Mauro, Assunta Rufrano, and Filomena Lamberti were born from 1928 to 1936 in Southern Italy, and they overcame tremendous odds to work toward a better life.

Each one made their way from Italy to New York by boat, assembled homes with a multi-level purpose, lived within their means, and achieved success. Each has lived past eighty, and they remain deeply involved in their communities and devoted to their families.

They are master chefs, wine connoisseurs, and spiritual advisers. They are constantly sustaining other people’s lives, and it’s fitting to celebrate them and learn from their ways.

Having lived under dictators, survived bombings in occupied Italy, immigrated to a new country, became citizens, worked as seamstresses within factories, and witnessed transitions in worldwide politics, these women are still thriving in the digital age.

Get insights on navigating monumental shifts, maintaining your health, and living your life by learning from the four special women highlighted in Finding Patterns.

“Well-written and bittersweet reflections on the immigrant experience, the human experience…”

— Dr. Sasha Ramlal




Coming Through the Flames: My Life in the F.D.N.Y.

by Chris Edwards

Our Price: $17.00

Chris Edwards, a retired FDNY firefighter and first responder recounts the tragedies that he faced throughout his career in the F.D.N.Y. This book is a candid history that allows the reader to experience what it’s like to be part of the FDNY. The author recalls his experiences that led up to 9/11 and the spiritual journey that followed. This book is a memoir dedicated to his children.

Heart Smart For Women

by Jennifer Mieres and Stacy Rosen

Our Price: $14.95

Heart Smart for Women, Six S.T.E.P.S. in Six Weeks to Heart-Healthy Living equips women of all ages with a comprehensive program for heart-healthy living. This book is a call to action for women everywhere and the message is a positive one: Heart disease is preventable!

Leading cardiologists, Drs. Jennifer Mieres and Stacey Rosen simplify complex medical content with clear illustrations, real patient stories, and a practical step by step approach to living your most heart healthy life. Good health is not a given. It is something we must work for by taking control of our lives and putting ourselves first.

More than 90 percent of all women have one or more risk factors of heart disease, and more than 44 million women living in the United States – about a third of the female population – suffer from some form of it. However, every one has the opportunity to live well and conquer it. Heart Smart for Women offers a complete roadmap for women of all ages on their journey to heart-healthy living. It details the workings of the healthy heart and the diseased heart, and provides the necessary vocabulary for ensuring that women are equipped to have meaningful communication with their physicians.

The book includes an assessment of personal risk factors, a clear, step by step program to begin or advance an exercise routine, ways to ensure that your kitchen and pantry are stocked with heart healthy foods, tips for dining at home and in restaurants and suggestions for how to form and maintain a true partnership with your doctor.

Dr. Jennifer Mieres is a Professor of Cardiology and the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs at the Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine and Senior Vice President of the Center for Equity of Care of Northwell Health. She is a leading expert in the field of cardiovascular disease in women, and was an executive producer of the Emmy nominated documentary “A Woman’s Heart.”

Dr. Stacey Rosen is a Professor of Cardiology and the Partners Council Professor of Women’s Health at the Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine and Vice President, Women’s Health, of Northwell Health’s Katz Institute for Women’s Health.

Drs. Mieres and Rosen each have over 25 years of medical experience in the field of cardiology, with a passion for educating and empowering women to be active participants and effective advocates for their health.


Greenpoint Doughboy

by Peter McHale

Our Price: $12.00

When Irish immigrant Alex McKay is interviewed by a reporter in 1911, McKay cheerfully relates that America has given his family everything. This historical novel, based on a true story during WW1, shows how the McKay’s of Greenpoint, Brooklyn stood tall with America and paid the ultimate price of citizenship.

Greenpoint Doughboy, written by McKay descendent Peter McHale, shows you the many sacrifices Alex, his wife, and their four children make during World War I.

The Great War rages in Europe, and the McKays are all eager to do their part. Alex’s son John McKay, at the age of twenty-one, joins the Fighting Irish Sixty-Ninth Infantry Regiment of New York City.

During basic training in Manhattan, John befriends Dick O’Neil, a young man with a bright future, and Daniel Buckley, an Irish soldier with a tragic past. The three will face enormous challenges as they cross the Atlantic and join the fighting in Lorraine. Not everyone will make it out alive.

McHale takes you from the bustle and vibrant city life in the Brooklyn Irish community to the muck- and death-filled trenches of France. His story paints a vivid portrait of one family’s loyalty and love.


The Book of Bradley

by Bob Bradley

Our Price: $21.50

The Book of Bradley is a self-help book for people who don’t really need any help but who still like to ask questions. Knowing that helps me out because now I can write whatever pops into my f***ing head.

My goal in answering questions was to write something original, lift the skirts of the Muse, get some traction. My unstated goal was to take control of your nervous system using black marks on a white background forcing you to scan your eyes from left to right and on down the page, pausing to enjoy the pictures before turning the page and locking onto the next word and the next and so on until you reach a saturation point where your brain can’t function normally, anymore, but has to reconsider its previous limitations, self-imposed or rather imposed outside the bounds of memory by insuperable gods, let’s call them that.

Now, you have to ask yourself: Do I want to keep reading? What if something happens? I have a lot of years dedicated to building and bolstering my belief system. Someone just lifted the latch on I don’t know what and I don’t know what’s going to happen once that door or portal opens. Holy sh*t. I’d better put this book back and not tell anyone about this. Unless… who are these gods and what have they done to me without my knowledge or consent? Tough questions. Tough questions. I guess there’s only one thing to do. I’ll let you answer this one. I got the rest.


Oh Cancer, My Cancer: A Memoir

by Christopher Spevack

Our Price: $8.99

Imagine being an average twelve-year-old kid, living life to the fullest without a care in the world. Imagine your childhood suddenly transformed in an instant. Imagine discovering you have cancer and that your life will never be the same. How do you prepare for the unknown, and the harsh reality that you might die? How do you prepare for the pain and suffering required to make you well? How, as a child, do you fight the unwelcome presence that threatens your existence, and the uncertain road that lies ahead? Welcome to the intricate, unsettling world of cancer. Follow the journey of a brave, young boy, as he fights for his life during a sixteen month battle with cancer and how he beats the odds. Christopher, now in his twenty-eighth year cancer free, chronicles his cancer ordeal in this motivating and inspiring memoir, proving that cancer can be conquered, and dedication and perseverance can overcome any obstacle. Learn about his challenges, struggles, triumphs and accomplishments while undergoing treatment for a cancerous brain tumor.

For more information about the author, please visit his website and the author’s Facebook .



Single and Not Settling!

by Tonia DeCosimo

Our Price: $13.95

After not walking down the aisle (as she assumed she would) in her twenties and then hoping it would happen in her thirties, Tonia DeCosimo found herself single at age forty and couldn’t help but ask herself, “Whose fault is this anyway?”

The answer, she determined, is not as straightforward as it seems. And she quickly found out she’s not the only one facing these challenges.In her new book Single and Not Settling!, DeCosimo takes you through her dating journey.

In a society where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the right partner, more and more people are finding themselves romantically unattached and they are still reluctant to “settle”. DeCosimo weaves together real-life stories in a web of hilarity and heartbreak, to expound on single life in modern America—with a sprinkling of tips to avoid those treacherous relationship pitfalls.

Lighthearted and poignant in equal measure, Single and Not Settling!, offers camaraderie, hope, and a real look at life in the dating trenches.


Dying to be Beautiful Mystery Series Books 3&4

by M. Glenda Rosen

Our Price: $17.99

 Book 3 Fake Beauty

The author of best-selling book, Looking Beautiful, isn’t looking so beautiful. Out in The Hamptons, the dead body of Jordan Kennedy is found stuffed into the window of a local bookstore, which was then set on fire—burning Jordan along with copies of her book. She was supposed to do a book signing, but it seems someone has murdered her instead.

Book 4 Fat Free

Marcus D’Elroy has spent the morning of every New Year’s Day combing The Hamptons beaches with his metal detector. He does it to remember his father and the activity they once shared before his dad’s untimely death. This particular first day of the year, Marcus finds something frightening and disturbing: a dead body, covered in a large gold satin scarf.

For tough and glamorous Private Investigator Jenna Preston, murder in The Hamptons is becoming all too common, especially with so many people dying to be beautiful. Fortunately, Jenna has the help of her Irish Setter, Watson. She’s got two new mysteries to solve—and quickly—before someone else ends up dead, thanks to the multi-million-dollar world of beauty and the things people will do to attain it.

DYING TO BE BEAUTIFUL is a fascinating look into the multi-million dollar world of beauty and the things people will do to attain it. [Rosen is] a fun and engaging storyteller who clearly knows her way around a plot twist or two.”


“Without a Head [Book 1] … a quirky female private investigator novel that will keep readers hooked with its charm, wit and suspense.”— CITY BOOK REVIEW

“Applause and more applause for Dying to Be Beautiful, the book and the characters, including a beautiful setter dog named Watson (smart, protective, and necessary to the plot) [who] brings humor and humanity to the whole. I loved it.”



Violet Rose: The Encroaching Sea

by Elizabeth Cooke

Our Price: Paperback $12.99/Hardcover $30.95

 Violet Rose is the first book in The Rose Trilogy, which is set on the East End of Long Island in a resort town on the East End. The palpable animosity between summer visitor and local resident is vividly depicted.

The ocean itself is a metaphor for the love/hate turbulence in the lives of the characters. They encounter danger and lust. Malevolent storms beset them, both in tempests of weather and anguish of heart as the encroaching sea sweeps across their world.

Starfish: The Arbitrary Ocean

by Elizabeth Cooke

Our Price: $11.99

Starfish continues the story of Bud and Violet Rose with the baby girl they call Starfish. As Deputy Sheriff of Suffolk County, Bud pursues a drug cartel that plagues the community. Much of the action takes place in Montauk on the southeastern tip of Long Island where the boats come in with their supply not only of fish but also the illegal substance called White Sugar. Throughout the story, the turbulent ocean mirrors the tumult in the lives of the characters.


Violet: The Swelling Tide

by Elizabeth Cooke

Our Price: $11.99

Violet, The Swelling Tide — the third and final volume in The Rose Trilogy — provides adventure, intrigue and surprise. Love, lust, and retribution are rampant. Still set on the East End of Long Island, the characters undergo mysterious events and final confrontations, as water surges across the flat landmass that is Long Island, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to Long Island Sound, with lethal force.

My Turn: Episodes in the Life of an Artist

by Clayton Westermann

Our Price: $14.00

Clayton Westermann presents an entertaining series of vignettes that describe foibles, frustrations, and, well, fun encountered during his lengthy conducting career. This memoir will give you great understanding of a conductor who has been a long time resident of Huntington, NY.



Steroid Plastic Chicken

by  Donathan Salkaln

Our Price: $37.00

Corporate Greed Created A Whole New Breed –Steroid Plastic Chicken First, scientists pumped chickens with steroids, getting them fatter, quicker. Then, they gave hens organic polymers resulting in eggs with plastic shells and shipping costs plummeted. They even manipulated DNA strands, creating a chicken with six wings instead of two –resulting in doubling their profits. Unfortunately scientists, sometimes manipulated the wrong portion of the DNA strand, and instead of six wings, they created a steroid plastic chicken with SIX BRAINS! Join SPC’s frenzied journey from hatching to his pecking up the ultimate corporate ladder of greed.



Dancing With Breast Cancer

by  Janay Cosner

Our Price: $14.95

One out of eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer. What many breast cancer patients don’t open up about, read about, or discuss are the fearful moments, the angry moments, and the sometimes funny moments that women experience, beginning with that first scary doctor’s appointment.

Freezing-cold mammograms that flatten breasts like two fried eggs. Crushing loneliness. Nightmares about confronting mortality.

But in Dancing with Breast Cancer, Janay Cosner gets real about her journey with the disease. Through a series of poems, Cosner opens up and shares her experience. Each poem is a snapshot of her odyssey. What does it mean to be a survivor, these poems ask. What does it mean to be a warrior?

From diagnosis and surgery to chemotherapy and radiation to what is now her new normal, Cosner asks all her readers—patients, family members, friends, doctors, nurses—to join her in a raw and very real dance with cancer.

My head high, I shout,

I’m alive. My shoes start

to dance again to the rhythm of life.

Come dance with me.

Praise for Dancing with Breast Cancer

Every woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer will relate to the emotions, the drudgery, and the multiple steps they take while “dancing” with cancer. As a medical oncologist, I have treated many women with breast cancer. However, I never knew how they really felt till I read Janay’s poems. They speak to me of the patients’ pain, loss, fear, and daily struggles as well the hope of a future when they will be able to dance again with their partners and not with cancer. Ms. Cosner bares her soul so that we (the healthcare providers) can be better prepared to care for the “person” and not just the “cancer.”

—Khalid Rehman, MD, FACP, medical oncologist and assistant professor of medicine at The New York Medical College


What’s most impressive about Janay Cosner’s Dancing with Breast Cancer is her gutsy willingness to relive her ordeal from the first suspicious mammogram, through the traumas of treatment, to a wary recovery. Cosner has chosen poetry as the medium for her memoir, a choice that allows her to move swiftly yet with detail through the shifting phases of her illness, and all the accompanying emotions from horror and terror to humor and hope. Cosner is no sit-back survivor. She’s a savvy, sexy lady doing a defiant dance—a dance many women will recognize—a dance that will be eye-opening for everyone else.

—Joan Murray, author of Swimming for the Ark


Can there be beauty in pain? Only if it is poetry, and only when the poet touches your aching heart. Janay, a woman diagnosed with breast cancer, yearns to be treated like a person. She exposes her fears, frustration, and fighting spirit as she dances with fate. With a poem for each stage of her journey, she dances to a new tune, culminating in a symphony of shock, agony, anger, resolve, and regrets. Her poems are a window into a woman’s heart, her suffering, and her remarkable poise under duress. This book is for women with breast cancer, for Janay knows just how they feel; it is for all women, with or without cancer, for she reveals what it is like to suffer; and it is a book for caregivers, for it shows the pathway to treating a patient as a person and not just a case study. This is a book of hope.

—Sabeeha Rehman, author of Threading My Prayer Rug: One Woman’s Journey from Pakistani Muslim to American Muslim



Happy is the New Rich

by  George Resch aka Tank.Sinatra on Instagram

Our Price: $12.95

Two-time Webby Award winner and Instagram meme sensation Tank.Sinatra (aka George Resch) has written a transformational book for the ADD generation that just might make Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie roll over in their respective graves!

George shares hard-earned insights from his journey from undateable, unemployable, overweight smoker-and-alcoholic, to a happily married entrepreneur, bodybuilder, and non-smoker who has been sober for 14 years (at the time of the release of this book).

Showing a complete disregard for the typical self-help conventions (and his signature love for humorous wordplay), George cuts right to the core of the issues with this collection of bit-sized inspiration. Whether you feel stuck in your career, health, relationships, or life in general, this book is sure to inspire and enlighten.


Duck and Cover: A Memoir of My 1960’s Brooklyn

by Rosemary Neil Villanella

Our Price: $17.00

Duck and Cover is a memoir born of Rosemary’s desire to transport readers back to the beloved 1960’s Brooklyn of her youth, with its familiar streets and stoops, during a more innocent time in this fabled borough. Yet Duck and Cover is also a coming-of-age tale, spotlighting the universal struggle of a young girl forging an individual identity- and trying not to attract too much attention-while carefully navigating her way across that crucial border between childhood and adolescence.


The Parent Agent

by Verdel A. Jones

Our Price: $15.00

Every parent has an ‘Aha!’ moment as they raise children. Mine came when I thought of what I had done, in the life of each child, to get them into college. As I reviewed everything that had to happen to help them get accepted into their preferred institutions of higher learning, I realized something important. I had become an agent. Now let me explain what that means. Agents exist in big dollar competitive industries to get the best deals for their clients. In sports, an agent negotiates with team owners to get the most money for a player. Agents who represent actors or directors want their clients to have the biggest and best-paying projects. Good agents find great opportunities and then make sure their clients receive them. The transition from high school to college is not something that can be made with a light-hearted approach. This book will serve as your guide on the journey to get your child accepted and settled into the college of their choice. The Parent Agent covers everything you and your child need to do from 9th grade to college acceptance and beyond. Stay prepared with timelines, important dates, exams, fairs/tours, funding, applications and other resources that make this often daunting process easier. Beyond helping you set goals and providing strategies to achieve them, you will uncover a lot of joy as you find ways to unlock secrets about your child’s personality that will ultimately make them something more than a successful college student.


One Bright Pearl Vol 1: An Unholy Memoir

by Robert Kaku Gunn

Our Price: $11.95

One Bright Pearl is the story of one mans quest for spiritual integrity in a time of global political, cultural and religious implosion. As Robert Kaku Gunn’s memoir, One Bright Pearl, makes clear, the spiritual journey is often fraught with disparate, seemingly non-spiritual aspects such as sex, personal psychological conflicts, the social and political chaos of the ‘60’s, doubt and booze—challenges without which the journey lacks fire, depth and wisdom.

Gunn knows whereof he speaks: ordained in the United Church of Christ over forty years ago, serving churches in Maine, Boston and New York, maintaining a psychotherapy practice in New York City for thirty years, and receiving ordination as a Zen Buddhist priest and teacher in the Village Zendo, every piece of his journey has been in pursuit of what Donald W Winnicott called “the true self.” One Bright Pearl consists of three volumes: 1. An Unholy Memoir, 2. God is the Source of My Life, and 3. Song of Emptiness. Volumes I and II are available now. The third volume will appear next year.

One Bright Pearl Vol 2: God is the Source of My Life

by Robert Kaku Gunn

Our Price: $11.95

One Bright Pearl Volume 2   is the continuation of the  story of one mans quest for spiritual integrity in a time of global political, cultural and religious implosion. As Robert Kaku Gunn’s memoir, One Bright Pearl, makes clear, the spiritual journey is often fraught with disparate, seemingly non-spiritual aspects such as sex, personal psychological conflicts, the social and political chaos of the ‘60’s, doubt and booze—challenges without which the journey lacks fire, depth and wisdom.

In One Bright Pearl we are introduced to the intricacies and intertwining’s of sexual, spiritual and social identity, the inner and outer struggle with bullying, the sometimes messy effort to resolve the conflicting pulls of ambition and humility; the difficulty learning to extend a deep compassion to himself as well as others; the inner struggle to come to terms with his brother’s cerebral palsy and its limitations; and mental illness in the family.


Off to See the Yankees

by Stephen J. Rockwell and Steve Pierce

Our Price: $10.00

Part baseball book and part travelogue, Off to See the Yankees explains the ins and outs of the weekend roadtrip to see the Yankees play in cities like St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, and Miami.

With notes on the games, the ballparks, the cities, and the sights, Off to See the Yankees is the essential starter guide for fans considering getting away for a few days for a weekend of baseball and fun.

What Was I Thinking?

by M.E. Mattel

Our Price: $12.00

The year was 1963. John Lennon had written a new song and was eager to share it with his bandmates. After John sang, “I want to grab your breasts,” self-proclaimed sixth Beatle Mike Campbell gently suggested, “I want to hold your hand.” Thank God.

So begins a series of profoundly absurd and absurdly profound musings from M. E. Mattel. What Was I Thinking? is a collection of short stories, poems, and song lyrics that include philosophical reveries, satirical scenarios, and even a bawdy limerick.

One story satirizes gender dynamics by suggesting we won’t achieve true equality until we see more female serial killers. One poem takes a snapshot of a poor old man pushing his cart down a cobblestone road. One song sings the lamentations of a Vietnam War vet, drowning his sorrows in a bar. Regardless of form, each piece of writing has the capacity to move you to laughter, to tears, or to deep introspection.

Decoding the Phoenix

by M.D. Tchaves

Our Price: $12.99

I know the answer to the world’s deepest secret,” Graham Newsdon, a functioning alcoholic and Harvard medical student and the protagonist of Decoding the Phoenix, declares in the novel’s opening page. After stumbling across a puzzling communication from his deceased Navy Seal brother, Graham must work to unravel a litany of secrets sobering in their implications not only for himself, but for the past twelve-thousand years of human history, the secrets of the universe, and even the nature of God.

Had he not, in his hungover state, opened the e-mail, Graham could have continued on his predetermined successful, if dysfunctional, path and never embarked on the paradigm-shifting journey that so loosens his grasp on reality and obliterates not only what he chooses to believe but what he trusts as fact. With the help of his long-term girlfriend, his quirky Mensan best friend, and his wild and athletic best girlfriend since childhood, he sets out to decode this complex cryptogram, which he soon discovers is charged with the potential to unhinge the very control that certain government officials are intent, at all costs, on maintaining.

In the vein of Dan Brown, MD Tchaves takes the reader on an electrifying hunt for what is real and what is possible, encountering along the way politics, conspiracy, fringe medicine, history, and language, and what it means to survive—thrive, even—when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Decoding the Phoenix is a 50,000-word thriller that proves that love and humor may not be the answer, but that without these variables there is no worthy solution to any challenging problem or improbable situation.

MD Tchaves is a storyteller who blends fact and fiction and religion and secret societies. Decoding the Phoenix is a natural outcropping of the author’s degree in Language Literature and Criticism from Hunter College and interest in religion, politics, and fake news. The book is the first in a planned trilogy that offers readers the ability to engage with a codex distinct from the narrative and interpret a letter that possesses real-world relevance.

For more information about the author, please click here to view their Facebook page.

God’s Sacred Plan For Life

by Ronld Wyenn

Our Price: $30.00


Revealing Heaven’s greatest secrets, solving life’s epic mysteries —“God’s Sacred Plan For Life” tells an ancient story that no one, past or present, ever heard before! The greatest love story ever told about how good triumphs over evil contains one thing that mankind was forbidden to know by the gods of antiquity who created us —“The Knowledge of Good (God) and Evil (Man)!”

In the beginning, the gods who came from the heavens to earth stopped the natural course of man’s evolution. Giving them their alien DNA, the first man and woman were genetically engineered to be a slave-species for their creators who needed an army of primitive workers to do what was impossible to do by themselves. Mine a precious metal used to repair their planet’s atmosphere from a nuclear holocaust of their own making.

Possessed by the DNA in their blood, the first earthlings were made to follow not lead, serve not disobey. The god’s lust for conquest, wealth, power, privilege, and status evolved to dominate human nature. Trained to sacrifice themselves and kill their own kind in the name of the egocentric gods they served, man’s soulless patterns of pain, suffering, war, and death were all learned from their inhuman patriarchal masters.

Created in their image after their likeness, man destroyed countless civilizations, past and present, to become “The King of The World” just as the gods did on their planet. To change the self-destructive course of man’s fate, knowing good from evil will reveal the knowledge of ‘God’s Dual -Nature’ that clergy insist is unknowable; the knowledge of ‘Man’s Dual-Nature’ that psychoanalysts contend is mystifyingly contentious and ‘DNA’s Dual-Nature’ — The cosmic-connection linking the spirit of God to the body of man, that from the beginning created the conflict between the forces of good and evil.

Knowing what was unknown before will change people’s egocentric SELFimage. Changing man’s inhuman, alien nature mental illness, physical sickness, and spiritual disease will become relics of the past — Stopping us from destroying all we love and cherish most ourselves, mates, children, families, world, and future. Making the impossible possible God’s plan for a better life will prove to be the mother of all SELFhelp, SELFhealing, and SELFtransformational technologies for one unprecedented reason — “What was forbidden in the beginning that destroyed us is present in the end to save us!”


Going Dutch

by Cassandra Dallas

Our Price: $15.95

“Nothing is illegal here in Amsterdam, love, nothing,” Paul Vermeer tells Deena Green on their first date. Deena is a pretty strawberry blonde from New York who loses her innocence to Paul, Amsterdam’s sexiest bachelor, in the shadow of the city’s Red Light District. She tries to focus on her business mission to bring Jewish diamond artisans back to The Netherlands. But she is overwhelmed by Paul’s spellbinding good looks, and his voracious sexual appetite. What is the real story behind the scar that mars Paul’s handsome face? Can Deena come to terms with the secrets he reveals to her? The only women Paul has been faithful to are his Rottweiler Pandora, his troubled niece Vanessa, and his political advisor Claudia. Will Deena be among the chosen few?

Preface to the Future : A History of LIU Through the Turbulent Sixties

by David J. Steinberg

Our Price: $24.95

This book chronicles the complex history of one of Long Island’s most important institutions, its first chartered university. It embeds that story in the 20th century evolution of Long Island itself, a place that embraces the fourth and fifth largest cities in the United States (Brooklyn and Queens), two quasi-suburban counties (Nassau and Suffolk) and a total of 6.7 million people, the equivalent in population of America’s tenth largest state. It has long outgrown its telephone area codes of (718), (516) and (631). Long Island’s population growth has been atypically from West to East.

Identified as America’s first great suburban region, the burbs and the boroughs were mocked by Manhattanites who believed that their area code (212) defined the epicenter of American culture and economic power. It was the Brooklyn establishment that took the lead in creating metropolitan New York in 1896. Brooklyn’s ambition was to be the premier borough, but it was not to be. There was a slow decline of status and power through World War II and then a collapse of Brooklyn’s economic, social and political strength, culminating in the humiliations of the Brooklyn Dodgers moving to Los Angeles and A&S being absorbed by Bloomingdale’s. As G.I.s moved to Nassau after World War II, Long Island University followed that suburban trek and its Brooklyn students, buying Marjorie Merriweather Post’s great Long Island estate and then an Inn overlooking the sea in Southampton. LIU’s history recounts a compelling story in which dreams and realities constantly collided.

The turbulent dynamic of the 1960s from the day John Glenn had his ticker tape parade up Wall Street in 1962 until a decade later is at the core of this monograph. That decade was one of the two or three times in American history when the fabric of society was torn asunder and national consensus tottered. This was the era of the civil rights movement, feminism, free speech, foul speech, ‘Nam, the draft, the flight to Canada, the abolition of parietal rules, the pill, the sexual revolution, a collapse of academic traditions, open contempt for most institutions of authority, Watergate, dead white men, Black Power, pot, the Beatles, Woodstock, long hair and scruffy beards. Millions of women became students; thousands, professors. Students attacked their own institutions of higher learning, because as enrolled students they already were the denizens of those campuses and because those colleges were among the few bastions of the adult world which students could readily seize in order to “liberate.” Long Island University experienced every one of these national phenomena, even as it endured its own tumultuous decade, including a savage struggle for power by ambitious administrators with divergent world views, a sharply disputed institutional mission, and the challenge of knitting together its three residential campuses.

LIU stakeholders labored constantly to define and redefine how those campuses related to each other and where paramount authority resided. Success was endlessly elusive. Meanwhile both the City and the State of New York threatened to bankrupt private sector colleges like LIU by building their vast, publicly funded networks at CUNY and SUNY. In the early 1960s, LIU was an upwardly mobile institution with a distinctive Brooklyn swagger. It aspired to achieve national recognition. Then its charismatic leader, four-star Admiral Richard Conolly, died in 1962 in a horrific American Airlines crash. Over the next decade LIU was led by five chancellors, one of whom was effectively fired after just seventy-eight days. During this decade, students marched and demonstrated; faculty members protested and then militantly unionized; and trustees privately and publicly fought with each other. Time and again The New York Times chronicled LIU’s saga, often on the front page. This book revisits that riveting but forgotten story.

The New Hippie Joke Book

by Brian Melsky

Our Price: $13.95

The New Hippie  Joke Book is 831 one-line jokes covering the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Barack Obama,the Clintons, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Woody Allen, politics ,the movie and entertainment industries, rock and roll,health and  wellness, and more gems and magic. I pay homage to the great comedians who brought us joy and laughter. I laughed and I suffered and I healed with the New Hippie Joke Book. It is autobiographical. I continue to heal .

The book is an  edited compilation of my first book Walnuts( self-published by Authorhouse in 2013) with its 1349 one-liners and my second book(unpublished) with its 865 one liners. The New Hippie Joke Book has more jokes, humor, observations, and creative ideas added to it.

The New Hippie Joke Book was fun to write an outlet for my pains. It is 40 years of suffering and tortures written over 10 years that turned into jokes and laughter. As therapist once said to me,” Suffering and torture will lend itself to increased creativity. ” I have spent over 37 years in the mental illness industry as a patient and I was never mentally ill in my opinion and the opinion of my first doctor, the chief-of-psychiatry at the hospital.  He told my mother” Brian doesn’t need a hospital. He needs a vacation…” I had physical and emotional issues and was under a lot of stress at work at the time I was first admitted to the hospital in 1980. I became altered and addicted to medicine. The New Hippie Joke Book is my continues healing through “laughter is the best medicine.” I did no research for The New Hippie Joke Book. A creative writing teacher in college told me,” You write like you talk.”

Being in therapy for 40 years I am always in my process on auto-pilot. In the process the book wrote itself as an outlet for my pains. I would talk to myself as an outlet for pain and a form of self-therapy, a joke would come to me, I would laugh, and I would write it down.  Most times I did not know what I wrote or why I laughed. But it seemed funny and smart at the time and later on I saw what I wrote. The book is an autobiographical account of my hurts in laughter. I did little editing as I observed the great comedians seemed to “wing” it all the time. It seemed if you edit a joke you’ll kill it. If you think of a joke it becomes cerebral and not organic. I learned “laughter is the best medicine” and laughter is the key to survival and healing.

I am raw food vegan and I live on Long Island, N.Y. with my black and white adopted cat Houdini.

-Brian Melsky, Author of The New Hippie Joke Book.

Spiritual Prayers for Animals

by Lynn Tomaro

Our Price: $9.95

Lynn Tomaro earned a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and has had a career in Law Enforcement for over three decades. Inspired by her Maltese, Tessa, who was rescued from a kill shelter in Alabama, she found a new passion to write a book devoted to animals with the need to speak for them and bring to the forefront that God’s loving embrace encompasses all creatures. Reaching out to parishes across the country, she has hoped to inspire the ‘Blessing of the Animals’ services with her book.

The symbol of  the‘Love for Animals’ depicting a heart of love has been trademarked and registered so a permanent impact will remain for all those animals who cannot speak for themselves.With the goal of having this effort recognized, this keepsake prayer book is filled with
inspirational quotes and meaningful prayers to provide comfort, reflection and daily
reminders that animals are no different than us, they also need love, hope and charity.

The Fixer: The Naked Man (A Katerina Mills Novella)

by Jill Amy Rosenblatt

Our Price: $7.99

“Katerina—I need some help. Be a good girl and come over here and I’ll make it worth your while.”

It’s an offer NYC college student Katerina Mills should refuse. But how can she?

A desperate situation….

After ditching her cheating lover (and boss), she’s stuck in dead end temp jobs. Her dad just ditched her mom and his promise to pay Kat’s college tuition bill.

She has two weeks to come up with $14,000 or she’s out of her apartment, out of school, and out of luck.

A dangerous world….

Katerina falls into a job as a “fixer” for New York City’s wealthy and privileged men. They have problems they need “fixed,” quick and on the QT, and they’re willing to pay.

The rules are simple: collect the money, use your contacts, fix the problem.

Kat’s first job is easy: tail a shopaholic socialite wife. But who’s tailing Kat?

Kat’s second job is not so easy: steal a VHS tape hidden in an antique chest. She can’t do it alone. To be a thief, she needs a thief: handsome, reclusive Alexander Winter to be exact.

Kat soon learns the real rules for a fixer: there are no rules, there are no refunds. Get in. Get results. Get gone.

As every step brings her closer to her goal and closer to danger, there’s one rule left for Katerina Mills to learn: once you’re in, there’s no getting out.

Silver Medal Winner – Suspense Fiction – 2017 Global Ebook Awards

“…fun and fast-paced…Packed with thrills and fun characters…” Ashton, Beauty, Books & Babble

The Fixer: The Killing Kind ( A Katerina Mills Novella)

by Jill Amy Rosenblatt

Our Price: $12.99

Kat’s back and in over her head with cops, criminals… and killers.

Christmas is around the corner but professional “fixer” Katerina Mills isn’t feeling the holiday spirit, juggling college classes, a lovesick cop, and demanding clients.

Obnoxious hedge fund manager Simon Marcus wants Kat to get his prized Porsche back from his vengeful wife—but Simon isn’t the only one after the car.

Rock star writer Paul Patel needs something “special” to finish his next bestseller—something that will send Katerina straight to prison if she gets caught.

And what about mysterious Thomas Gallagher? His jobs are simple and easy. Is he just a bored billionaire, or is he watching Kat’s every move, making his own plans for her?

Katerina needs help. Enter handsome, elusive thief Alexander Winter. He’s back, tutoring Kat in all things criminal. But is that all he’s going to teach her?

Katerina Mills is still haunted by her first assignment…and her first assignment is about to come back to haunt her…a deadly enemy who’s closer than she thinks…

Silver Medal Winner – Thriller Fiction – 2017 Global Ebook Awards

“The Fixer: The Killing Kind (The Fixer – Katerina Mills Book 2) by Jill Amy Rosenblatt is every bit as good, if not better, than the first book in the series. Even more action is packed into this edge-of-your-seat tale as Kat leads us on another thrilling journey.”-Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

Integrity…When No One’s Looking

by Marvin Soskil

Our Price: $15.95

We all have freedom of choice. Nobody is telling you what you must do. It is your conscience that you have to live with!

As we look around us these days, do you notice how the world has changed? We went from better to worse, worse to horrific and we’re heading from horrific to dread?
We can have the power to control situations, only if we raise the levels of our own consciousness and get back to basics. Remember when we wore white shirts and black ties for assembly? When your parents told you to do something you didn’t ask why, you just did it?

When No One is Looking is about bringing “Integrity” back into our lives and being more conscious of decisions we make and actions we take which can make this a better world.
“The most influential tool we have in your entire arsenal is your integrity.” – Zig Zigler

Only a person with integrity has the ability to command a long time respect and admiration, young or old, rich or poor. It doesn’t matter what you have now, you can live with integrity and elegance and you can take utmost pride in that. That is because integrity is something you decide to have. It is a principle you chose to live by.
Each of us will someday, be judged by our standard of life, not by the standard of living; by our measure of giving, not by our measure of wealth; by our simple goodness, not by seeming greatness – William Arthur Ward

Grandma Poems-Not Too Sweet

by Carolyn Raphael

Our Price: $14.00

“As its title indicates, you won’t find any saccharine platitudes about grandmothering in Carolyn Raphael’s arresting new collection. She gives us sharp-eyed views of actual grandmas and their grandchildren, and captures perfectly the wistfulness of infrequent visits over a distance of 800 miles. These poems will hold special interest for anyone who has ever had a grandma, or been one, and yet will appeal to all readers who care for skilled poetry, memorable and true to life.”

X. J. Kennedy, poet, novelist, children’s author, and textbook writer

“Any woman who has ever experienced shock and awe at the realization that she is now (can it be?)—a grandmother—will find a new best friend in Carolyn Raphael. This collection of charming, well-crafted, often hilarious, and occasionally pensive poems will strike a familiar chord for all of us who may not have felt entirely comfortable—at least not at first—taking on the exalted Nana role. Raphael offers the reader enormous validation here, a growing joy, plus beautifully expressed reassurances that we are not alone, but simply “answer to a different call: a secret, a password, a bond.”

Marilyn L. Taylor, Wisconsin Poet Laureate, Emerita, winner of the 2016 International Margaret Reid Award for Verse in Forms, author of Step on a Crack.


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