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Friday, September 8th at 7pm

John J. Dowling Jr.
Friday, September 8th at 7pm

Long Island author, John Joseph Dowling Jr., will be speaking and signing copies of his new novel, Chapters of Love: Chasing Sunrise.

“Love knows no boundaries in time and space, it is eternal, and everlasting, existing in unique chapters forever embedded in our hearts.”

Chapters Of Love Chasing Sunrise description – is an erotic and heartfelt novel about a gifted but naïve man whose health is being destroyed by a genetic mutation. He fights for his life by walking marathons every other day in the hopes of re-growing arteries to replace the ones being destroyed. In sickness and in health, he obsessively searches for his soul mate as he reflects upon his chapters of love and attempts to understand why his novel of love has eluded him, his entire life.

During his lonely, tortuous, treks and while recovering from a series of extreme surgeries, he photographs everything in his path. Battling to overcome his terminal prognosis, he inspires people with his optimism and courage. Despite his health challenges, he lives his bucket list, year after year. As he shares his memoirs on social networks, many of his past lovers contact him and share their perspective on their relationship. He learns that many truly loved him. Through it all, he finds hope and realizes that despite never truly finding his novel of love, he was always meant to experience love through chapter-like links in a chain.

Chapter Of Love Chasing Sunrise is the first novel and feature film in a trilogy that traces his relationships through the perspective of his heart and how his perception of love changes. The novel explores the connection of love and love entanglement, theorizing that love never truly ends. Lovers are always connected and the bond-like entanglement is unexplainable and forever embedded within one’s heart. Chapters Of Love is based on a true story. The first of the three novels will be published in 2017. Production for the feature film is scheduled for early 2018. The second novel in the trilogy will follow shortly, with the feature film scheduled for a 2019/2020 release. The final book and feature film is scheduled for release in 2021/2022.