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Friday, September 15th at 7pm

Irene R. Siegel
Friday, September 15th at 7pm

Psychotherapist and meditation teacher Irene Siegel will be heading to Book Revue to speak about and sign copies of her new book, The Sacred Path of the Therapist.

Shamans are ancestral teachers, guides to non-ordinary realms of consciousness who heal by connecting to elemental energies, major archetypal forces of nature, and a divine cosmic whole, within silent sacred space. Psychotherapists also respect the healing power of silent spaces in the session, moments in which sacred energy emerges. This book offers a blend of two worlds: the clinical world and the world of the shaman.

Drawing from her unique experiences working with master shamans and practicing as a psychotherapist, Irene Siegel discusses the evolving role of the therapist as both therapist and healer. Integrating Western psychological understanding with ancient Eastern and wisdom traditions, Siegel addresses how spiritual resonance is achieved within the psychotherapeutic process. Readers will learn how mindfulness practices and attunement can help them move clients toward recovery and beyond, allowing full potential to emerge within a shared coherent field of awakening consciousness.

Using lessons from the evolving field of trans-personal psychology, as well as guided meditation exercises, the reader will learn to access the innate inner wisdom and healing potential of their clients, expanding the content and context of therapy.