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Freddie Hudson and Bobby Rahner

Two of Long Island’s former harness drivers Freddie Hudson and Bobby Rahner team up to tell the story of Momentous, an uncontrollable horse that became a fan favorite. Rahner campaigned Momentous at Roosevelt Raceway from 1975 until the horse’s mandatory retirement on December 31, 1981. He shares his experiences and memories of his times driving Momentous. Hudson, who co-authored Roosevelt Raceway Where It All Began brings their story to life.
Momentous: Racing to Glory follows an outlaw horse who had killed a person and had put many others in the hospital. Feared by most horsemen, declared unmanageable and dangerous. This rogue horse was barred from racing at most of the country’s racetracks. Along comes a green novice trainer who had no fear of this horse and saw something in him that no one else saw. Together they would form a bond of love and trust that would lead them to winning many races and capturing the hearts of many fans along the way. Fan clubs were formed and nicknames were given to this crazy and wild horse – Crazy Moe, Pecks Bad Boy, Rahner’s Rogue, Mighty Moe, and Magnificent Momentous. This is their story – a story of two underdogs overcoming all odds to achieve success on the toughest racing circuit in the world.