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Thursday, August 3rd at 7pm

Ella LeBain
Thursday, August 3rd at 7pm

UFO and ET researcher Ella LeBain will be speaking and signing copies of her book series Who’s Who in the Cosmic Zoo? Book Three: Who Are the Angels 

Who are the Angels? Are there good and evil angels? How can you tell them apart? How does one find freedom amidst the clash of two kingdoms? Do Angels play a bigger role in human affairs on earth, than we may realize? Angels wage war against other angels, so how do we tell them apart? Is there such a thing as Human Angels born on earth? Are Angels extraterrestrials or aliens?

Book Three of Who’s Who in The Cosmic Zoo? proves the reality of angels, demonstrates how to discern between the fallen angels and the faithful angels of heaven. Learn ‘who’ they are, based on scripture and ancient texts, what are their protocols, rules of engagement, examine their hierarchy and discover the pivotal role they play at the end of this age. This understanding will create a paradigm shift in your present thinking and give you hope. Scripture says: The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels. What or whom are they harvesting? This primordial drama between good and evil can be traced back to an angelic war in the heavens, involving those angels sent to earth as fallen, because of their nature and deeds. These galactic wars are the real Star Wars. These secrets are now being revealed to humanity as part of the preparation for the end of days.

Keeping with the recurring theme in this five-book series is the important issue of discernment that not all aliens are extraterrestrials, not all extraterrestrials are aliens. In Book Three, you will learn how to discern between good and evil angels though their differences in ancient scriptures, history, linguistics and archeology. The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

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