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Tuesday, September 4th at 7pm

Danielle Borg
Tuesday, September 4th at 7pm

Join us for an evening with Long Island author Danielle Borg as she speaks and signs copies of her new children’s book, Waiting For Ever.

Waiting for Ever is a book written to Danielle’s daughter, about their path to finding her. It is about being hopeful through the wait, of anyone’s journey to parenthood, and overwhelmed by the love a parent has for the child once they find them.

“To share the most immeasurable love, you do not need to have the same blood,” Danielle says.
“If you have tried or are currently trying to grow your family (through pregnancy, fertility treatments, adoption/foster care), you will understand the longing in your heart and how the waiting period until you finally connect with your child, can feel like forever,” Danielle relates to readers.

Coupled with charming illustrations, “Waiting for Ever” reminds readers to pursue their dreams. “Sometimes the road to getting there is not the path we planned.”


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