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Martone works from photos taken during her travels to the developing world where she volunteers to assist communities. Experiences there have contributed to the evolution of her work. As she draws, her work becomes a meditation, a prayer.

By limiting color, and emphasizing texture in her pencil drawings, attention is focused on the essential elements of the subject. The simplicity and purity of pencil and paper lend an immediacy and intimacy to the work, creating interconnectedness between subject and viewer.

Awareness of the common linkage found in our humanity, the fragility of our cultures, and the vulnerability of those living the barest existence, teetering on the edge of life, inspires the foundation of her work. As she depicts her subjects, they are captured in moments of time, revealing their inner grace and the beauty that can be found in the infinite details of their environment; the sun-cracked earth, the drape of tired fabric, and the detritus of struggle.

Martone’s works have been exhibited at museums and galleries in the U.S and abroad, including the Neuberger Museum in Purchase, New York, SXU Gallery at St. Xavier University, and Ai Gallery at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, Illinois. In New York City, her work has been featured in exhibitions at Artists’ Space, Lincoln Center, Marymount Manhattan College Gallery, and the New York Botanical Gardens. Her work has been published in the magazines “The Artists’ Magazine,” “American Artist Drawing,” “Art Calendar,” “The Other Side” and the books “Portrait Inspirations,” “The Best of Oil Painting”, and “The Distillery.” She is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists and is presently working on a new series of drawings.

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