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Daisley’s early life was on the South Shore of Long Island. At a young age, she established that water, boating, beach environments and natural habitats were important to her development. She relocated to Manhattan and enrolled at Parsons School of Design in Graphic and Communication Arts in her early twenties to study graphic arts, believing it was the visual language of her generation. It is Daisley’s belief that instant information retrieval through technology has a significant effect on current visual literacy and how it references our daily lives. It is her desire to merge new artistic expression and traditional artistic methods with technology to build new art forms — art that speaks of a culture and its people.

Daisley continued her education at Pratt Institute and found purpose, confidence in and awareness of her abilities as a learner, teacher, and artist. She felt enlightened by art history, philosophy and histories of education. While completing her master’s, she fell in love with printmaking and ceramics.

Her body of work is composed of print impressions. There included is a collection of dried organic materials etched on soft-ground zinc plates with watercolor, large collagraph prints painted with oil and encaustic, solar plate landscapes and hand-drawn hard bite polymer plates. The works
suggest supplied solace and contemplation along with a new perspective on places of origin.

Her present perspective on the above mentioned environments remembered reveal new details and a new awareness of the changing and non-transitory stations along her life path.

You can view her work at Book Revue during the month of August or check out her website here.

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Every month at Book Revue, we feature a local artist who we feel will interest or intrigue our customers.

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