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Featured Artist of the Month


Simplicity best describes his approach to photography.  He likes to communicate his ideas with a minimum number of elements. Aesthetically, he prefer images taken on film. He shoots mostly in black and white because it allows him to concentrate on shape, texture, tone, and contrast to create abstract images. His favorite subjects are those that may not be obvious to others; many common objects can provide great compositional possibilities. He prefers to use a simple camera and one or two prime lenses so that he can focus his attention on capturing the image at hand. However, digital technology plays an important part in his post-processing work.

You can check out his work online or at Book Revue for the month of June.

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Every month at Book Revue, we feature a local artist who we feel will interest or intrigue our customers.

Please visit the artist’s work prominently featured in the Fiction corner of the store.

All of the artwork on display is available for purchase.

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