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The visions that visit us during our nighttime dreams are often distorted revelations of truths that have been imposed upon us. Some of Pascal’s art depicts an explicit narrative of those memories. The paintings draw the viewer in, allowing each to personalize their interpretation.

Pascal calls colored pencil (a medium she has recently focused on) tedious, and at the end of her renderings, wonders if her viewers question her choice.  She believes that only colored pencil can offer the strong color contrasts and specific details Imaginative Realism requires.

Pascal’s family history is rife with art: a grandfather participated in the turn of the century refurbishment of the Library of Congress; an aunt is known for her watercolors of North Africa; a daughter and an uncle were both successful art directors.

Pascal was lauded for her work as art editor for her high school yearbook and recognizes childhood familial support as important to her growth. She attended F.I.T. for design. studied under Charles Pasqualina at the Roslyn School of Painting and took a workshop with Richard Drayton in Sedona, Arizona. While self-employed as a photo colorist and retoucher and parenting three children, Pascal enrolled in Hofstra’s two year program, “CRASH.” She was an interior designer for 20 years and is a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America.

“When an artist is young,” Pascal says, “she paints whatever it is she is seeking. As she ages, she paints what she has found.” Pascal’s work can be seen at Book Revue during the month of October. Reach her by email at

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Every month at Book Revue, we feature a local artist who we feel will interest or intrigue our customers.

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