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Rosemary Neri Villanella

Monday, July 17th 2017 at 7pm

Local author born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Rosemary Neri Villanella, will be speaking and signing her memoir, Duck and Cover: A Memoir of My 1960's Brooklyn


Duck and Cover is a memoir born of Rosemary's desire to transport readers back to the beloved 1960's Brooklyn of her youth, with its familiar streets and stoops, during a more innocent time in this fabled borough. Yet Duck and Cover is also a coming-of-age tale, spotlighting the universal struggle of a young girl forging an individual identity - and trying not to attract too much attention - while carefully navigating her way across that crucial border between childhood and adolescence.


The book portrays the personal but universal journey from childhood to adolescence of a girl living in this more innocent time, but with a complicated family life. She wants to be true to her values, yet wants "more" from life, even though she isn't yet sure what that "more" is. The book will inspire young people to keep striving for their own personal version of "more" as they grow into young adulthood, without abandoning the things that make them unique as a person.



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