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Lexi Vranick

Wednesday, July 5th 2017 at 7pm

Long Island poet and writer, Lexi Vranick, will be speaking and signing copies of her new collection Basket Case.


It's a sunny afternoon in St. Anthony's High School and restless seniors are just settling into their seats. The blinds are half-shut, shedding strips of golden light onto the blackboard where a simple assignment is written: Write a story in no more than 55 words. 

This was my first foray into the world of flash fiction. I spent days counting words, scratching out sentences, and trying desperately to squeeze a full story into such a tiny space. And I loved it. Six years later, that little spark of short-form fire has turned into its own full-fledged collection of flash fiction: Basket Case. This collection of literary shorts features stories ranging from 55 all the way to 1,500 words and beyond. Each story centers on themes ranging from friendship, to anxiety, to loss, and even to love.


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