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Rules Get Broken


Freeport native and former Huntington resident JOHN HERBERT will speak about and sign his new memoir Rules Get Broken.


John Herbert’s new memoir is a poignant story of love lost, new love found, and the consequences of throwing off the rules of propriety for the sake of following your heart.

When, after nine years of marriage, his wife dies suddenly of a rare form of leukemia, John’s life is shattered. Peggy was the love of his life and he is devastated. So why then just days after Peggy's death does John call Nancy Charlton, the young woman who once lived next door, and ask her out to dinner? Why does Nancy say yes? And what happens when people ignore the rules of propriety and allow themselves to be drawn into a relationship they know will shock and offend family and friends? What price do they pay for breaking one of society's most time-honored rules of behavior? These are the questions John Herbert explores in his new memoir.

John Herbert was born in Freeport, New York, and lived for many years in Huntington. He worked for thirty-six years in the printing and publishing industries. He is the father of four children, two boys and two girls, and now lives in a quiet Connecticut suburb with his wife, Nancy, and youngest daughter.


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