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The Art of Jean-Marie Bub



under a microscope

If you really want to know what's good, I'd suggest looking at my blog. But, if you want a synopsis, lock your eyes onto these words.
If I was to actually tell you about myself and who lies beneath these olive green tees and jean jackets, you'd be here for a couple of days.
My past experiences are who I am. I have constructed this version of myself through the lessons I've learned and realizations that I've acquired over time. This may sound a bit ridiculous coming from a teenage girl, but my time occupying this planet has been an abstruse fluctuation of life events. Between looking into the eyes of death at the ridiculously young age of 12 due to a suicide attempt, my long road to recovery afterwards, more than a few poor encounters of love and all other instances that have occurred since, my perception of the world has been molded into something greater than I could have ever hoped for.
These words stem from a place much deeper than just my heart: they come from a place of both darkness and light. Everything comes from a place of pure sagacity. I've found myself within the struggle, I've become at peace with who I am - with who I was meant to be.
Although I've experienced certain things that no one should ever have to go through, I do not regret it at all. Through the pain I've found my purpose, and I want to share it with you.

Yes, you.



With acrylic paint on canvas, Jean-Marie Bub primarily focuses on the depiction of the human figure.

Her work can be viewed here:

Instagram: @jeanbub










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