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Ten Commandments of Divorce


Sunday, October 16th, 3pm

Local Author, DONNA MARTINI, will speak about and sign her new book
The Ten Commandments of Divorce.

The TenCommandments of Divorce beckons us to change our perception of the divorce process. It exposes readers to the possibility of a new paradigm we can adopt and follow – one that allows us to come out of our marriage with the same intentions, grace, and dignity as we had entering into it. As Donna Martini takes us on a journey of introspection and forgiveness through the process of Positive ManipulationTM, we learn to turn such negative emotions as fear, anxiety and anger into respect, empathy and amnesty. It is only then, she tells us, that the process of healing can begin. This book is about love and the compassionate energy it carries with it. It promotes accountability and responsibility for the paths we have chosen, as it gently prompts us as parents to lead by example. Each chapter will help you uncover your true potential as it offers the solace and guidance needed to handle even the most difficult aspects of living as a single parent.

Donna Martini
is a longtime student and researcher of traditional and alternative medical practices. Focusing on how food and the environment affect our bodies and emotions, she successfully healed herself of many debilitating symptoms, learning disabilities and chronic disorders. It was her divorce, however, that prompted the greatest healing, when she uncovered the mysteries of energy exchange and started using a process she later named Positive ManipulationTM. When others began to ask for help, her coaching and writing careers emerged. As a Wellness Advocate and Activist, she works tirelessly with schools, notfor profits, businesses and government agencies, writing and implementing wellness programs that promote and teach healthy lifestyle practices.




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